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How Neurocore is Changing the Outlook for Those with ADHD


ADHD has long been one of the most difficult psychiatric disorders to treat. This is why many are now seeking the help and counsel of a clinic called Neurocore. They are a brain training performance center based out of Boca Raton, Florida.

Deadlines, technology and business are always going to be around you and surround every decision that you make. Recently, an eight year old was able to learn more about the freedom that utilizing Neurocore can bring. When children become overwhelmed by these conditions it’s time to think outside the box.

This is when Neurocore became a welcome option for Jackson Pojeski. Meltdowns, challenges with sleeping, and even struggling with the inability to focus, the family wanted to check out Neurocore and see if it could help Jackson.

The family was also facing challenges with Jackson’s sleep habits. His inability to shut down for sleep encouraged their use of Melatonin. It was then that they went to Neurocore. It was after 40 sessions that Jackson improved by nearly 50%. His mother noticed how much happier he was and less frustrated when things weren’t going his way.

A clinical specialist, Rochelle Fintelman, recognizes that although the clinic commonly treats children ages 4-17 for sleep problems, problems with focus, and many other challenges, that this is where her son needs to be right now for all that he is dealing with. It’s the right time for him and the family, and it’s making a huge difference in his life.

Neurocore puts together a program called as biofeedback. This teaches proper breathing, as well utilizing charting the patient’s brain activity. There are individuals of all ages that benefit from this technique, including professional athletes like Kirk Cousins.

Best practices state that children should be given medication as well as therapy. However, a majority of the children that receive this diagnosis are given prescription medications. Get More Information Here.

Biofeedback is helping more patients eliminate the use of medications as well as get relief from anxiety and depression despite the severity utilizing Neurocore.


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