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Netpicks Simple Trading Strategies

Netpicks was established in 1996 with the emergence of online and day trading. It has always set the standards when it comes to training traders. Netpicks primary concern is making a trader successful in the markets. It deals with some online trading forums, Forex, Futures, ETFs, Options, and Stocks. The company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Netpicks employs a good number of well-trained staff that are well conversant with trading. Mark Soberman heads the company. The company has over 25 years of experience in offering personalized trading services ( It also takes pride in its many years since it started giving trading training. Their staff is passionate traders determined to make you achieve your trading goals.

Simple trading does not mean engaging in trade randomly hoping to make gains. It involves the use of a simple strategy that takes into account risks in trading. However, most people overlook simple trading to their disadvantage. There’s too much information on trading that is yet to bear fruit. Consultation is key to making a trading decision.

Each indicator has to be considered before trading. If only the amount of trading information available were directly proportional to successful trading, then losses would be unheard of. It is easy for day traders trading with clutter to miss large price moves.

I do not recommend deleting all trading indicators from your charts as they sometimes frame price actions. Redundant trading indicators, however, need to be eliminated retaining essential pieces of information. Netpicks believes that every trader’s strategy must have a verifiable edge. Then the procedure and the plan must be followed to the latter.  Click on for more.

Understanding the trends followed by markets is very important. It is a step in the direction of a simple trading strategy. In this, trading ranges come first. Any trading policy that accounts for a down trend’s lower highs and lows and an uptrend’s higher highs and lows is perfect.

It places the trader in a trading range. Moving averages also determine the trading ranges. Breakouts, momentum and mean reversions should also be considered. A trader looking for a simple trading strategy cannot afford to ignore their effects on the markets.


Netpicks gives insights to the inner working of the forex trading

Online forex trading is a market that mainly relies heavily of speculations and it calls for investors to be very keen on what is happening around the world. Political and financial world issues and how they turn out has a major influence on the currency prices.

Netpicks advises traders to first learn how the market works before investing to avoid making costly trading mistakes. Netpicks says that investors who are involved in currency pairs have the power in their hands to invest in the prices movements in various world currencies. With forex trading, the company says that traders are given the opportunity to participate in a market that is openly decentralized.

Traders usually trade electronically on various financial exchanges in various cities around the world. They have the option of trading on Paris, Tokyo and London foreign exchanges among others depending on their preferences.

The good thing about Forex trading is that it is a 24 hour type of system which allows traders to trade at any time. So, if one foreign exchange Centre closes one can quickly trade on another platform that is open. This flexibility gives traders that ample time and space to trade and maximize as much as possible. Other trading modes traders can also use include forward, future, Leveraging and spot trading.

To help traders trade properly Netpicks provides traders with ample information on charts and other live signal data. This information comes in handy as it helps them make sound decision when trading.

Forex trading has many characteristics including high liquidity benefits for retail traders, limited trading options and significant liquidity ability. According to Netpicks statistics, over $5 trillion is traded on the forex market on a good day.

Netpicks is a leader in online trading and prides itself on being one of the pioneers of online trading ventures. The company offers financial assistance to many investors who wish to participate in online trading. Netpicks has a dedicated team of technical financial experts who have many years under their belt in dealing with matters finance. The Netpicks ship is currently being steered by Mark Soberman who is the current CEO.

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NetpicksTips on How to Trade Profitably in This Summer’s Choppy Market

The recent sell-off in the technology industry has had a significant effect on Wall Street. Previously, most investors looked at the market as being unstopped, but now most are nervous. This uncertainty is the driving force behind the choppy market throughout the summer times. Here is the strategy you can use to make profits at these times.

These strategies have been developed to make profits in choppy markets. One of these approaches is “Lock and Wall.” Although the strategy has been profitable in the past, there is no guarantee that it will give same results in the future. Only one rule characterizes this approach. You should show respect in the Nasdaq 100 Index, +0.42% for the support and resistance levels.In addition, in case the support and resistance levels of ProSharesUltraShort QQQQID, -0.81% and also in the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, +0.78% test or break, they should be traded.  More info on this useful link.

Mastering of these rules can enable you to do various things. For instance, when support is tested by QLD, sell the target resistance. You should only sell QLD when the support breaks. In addition, target support should be sold whenever resistance is tested by QID. Otherwise, you should QID when resistance breaks.  A relevant article to read here.


Netpicks is a company that provides trading education online. The company was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman. He is also the president of this company. Its main offices are in Irving, Texas. The organization provides education on signals, foreign exchange, stocks, and swing trading among others. Watch their demo videos here, click

Soberman and his teamat Netpicks are real trading professionals. The have a lot of trading experience. Due to their active participation trading, they know the ups and the downs of trading. Soberman has traded for over 25 years and has provided trading education for about 17 years. As a result, he and his team can help you begin your journey today.  Additional reading on

Netpicks posts various articles about trading on its websites. In these articles, they provide essential information to those wishing to start trading. Traders also have a lot to learn from these pieces. Furthermore, the articles direct readers to informative materials such as books that may contain information critical in business.  Hop over to to read an important review of Netpicks.

Choppy Markets’ Trading Advice from Netpicks

Nervousness and cold feet seems to characterize Wall Street lately. The arrogance of rich investors and giant businesses has somewhat been replaced by the cat like cautious maneuvers. Those who deemed the market unstoppable seem to have had to eat humble pie as they are now among those who have decided to take things a little slower.


The cautious nature in the markets has in turn led to the current choppy market experience. In this setting, there are price fluctuations which are not significant whether in increment or in reduction. Some knowledge on how to trade in this market is quite important since the delicate nature of the market may cause serious miscalculated trades and consequent losses.

The ‘lock and walk’ maneuver is one that works in such settings. The strategy pays attention to the support and resistance levels when dealing with the Nasdaq. This knowledge will guide investors and traders on when it is proper to trade the ‘ProShares Ultrashort’ or others.


Resistance to sell should be paid attention to especially when support is being tested using QLD. In case support breaks, then it follows that QLD ought to be sold. Conversely, if resistance is tested, QID, sell support should be targeted. If resistance breaks, QID must be sold. First glance might suggest a complexity in the rules, but this is not entirely the case. Ideally one should make a purchase near support and sell when near resistance. In case support breaks, then you should stop activity at once.  Check on for more trading article.

About Netpicks

In 1966, when online trading was a new sensation, Netpicks was established as a company dealing in trading. Netpicks, having thus been established when few people understood trading at all, sought to demystify the forex and stock matters. This company was in the business of helping new traders make profits in the market. Learn more from this useful link.

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The trading notes and experiences traders got from Netpicks was helpful to them as it enabled full time, part time and occasional traders. Mark Soberman’s Netpicks operates from Texas where other professionals in the field work together to help lay people learn how to trade. It is now over 15 years since Netpicks started teaching people how to trade. Check this link on