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Andrey Andreev is an extraordinary British businessman. He grew up with an early interest in using technology for commerce. Andrey Andreev studied management at a local university, as well as learning expertise in public relations and advertising. One of his first business ventures was selling computers on the internet, in Russia, his place of birth. It has been reported that he sold Virus, his first venture, a computer company for an undisclosed amount. Well, today Mr. Andreev is a billionaire. He is doing so many things right! Success is a study in perseverance, and that is exactly what Mr. Andreev possesses.

One of Andrey Andreev’s greatest achievements is the launch of the social network company, known as Badoo. It is a highly popular social networking company, to meet new people. It works! Today, the company boasts over 360 million registered users. Also, it generates revenue in the amount of 150 million U.S.dollars per year. It can be accessed in 190 countries. That is no small feat! Can you imagine the linguistic workload in the set up of such a social network undertaking? Other companies to his credit are Bumble, a joint venture, SpyLog, and Mamba (Dld-conference).

Andrey is based in central London. He has also lived in Spain, before settling in the British Isles. One of his greatest passions is cooking. His favorite thing is Sweet Onion Soup, which is served in Covent Garden, London. There is a soup named after him at the restaurant. For Mr. Andreev, life is a testament to his strength and innovation. He has worked with the business community, while serving both as a mentor and partner.  In 2018, Andrey Andreev was officially named on Forbes list of billionaires. In April 2019, his estimated net worth was 2.4 billion! Another fascinating item to his credit is that his company, Badoo, is gaining notoriety in more ways than one!

Badoo has been voted as one of the top 20 best companies to work for in the United Kingdom!  The successful Ceo believes in making his employees happy. He provides many perks such as food and parties. Andrey employs people in England and Russia, his philosophy is one of entrepreneurship with a mixture of business ethics. He is a role model for his staff, he honors his employees. For these reasons alone we salute, Andrey Andreev, the benevolent billionaire!

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