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The OSI Industries’ Successful Business in the Food Sector

The OSI Industries which started as a small butcher shop in America has grown over the years to be a top multinational company in food processing. The company has so far ventured in 17 countries where it has established more than 60 premises in different locations. Its core business involves producing, packaging, and a supplying to the markets. What’s more, the company was first founded in Chicago, Illinois by an immigrant from Germany who was called Otto Kolschowsky in the 20th century. Mr. Otto started the business after two years on arriving in the U.S. where he began a butcher shop on a small scale retail market. Moreover, his business picked and within ten years he specialized as a wholesaler and even opened another shop in Maywood.

Further, the business continued to grow and was later branded as Otto & Sons in 1928. On the other hand, the first McDonalds’s food business was opened in 1955 by Ray Kroc at Des Plaines, Illinois who was a franchise agent of Richard and Maurice McDonald. With the opening of the restaurant saw Otto & Sons become their main meat supplier. This was after Kroc had a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry who were Otto’s sons as their franchised supplier of fresh beef. Furthermore, Kroc purchased the McDonalds and took the position of the CEO in the corporation which with time grew to become a renowned brand in the world.

About the Cutting Edge Technology and Growth of the OSI Industries

The two companies grew exponentially beyond their region within the next 20 years to become a corporation that was known as the OSI Industries. Also, with the quick expansion and growth of the corporation of the McDonalds and Otto & Sons posed new challenges. This was due to the widening of the McDonalds restaurant networks while still maintaining the product consistency. The 1960s new technology, however, saved the situation as there was the invention of the freezing-cryogenic food processor where food was frozen using the liquid nitrogen, hence ease of transportation.

Currently, the OSI industries have grown to have businesses in various cities where it includes joint ventures in Poland, Brazil, hangar, and Austria. The McDonalds also spread its presence to Germany and Spain in the late 70s and further entered into joint ventures in many other countries. Also, as one of the largest food processors, the OSI Industries are responsible for products that include sausages, bacon, chicken nuggets, and patties among many more. The company which is now ranked as a multinational food processor continues to expand to date where it was recently listed as the 58th largest private entity with revenues of $6.1 billion by Forbes.