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Beneful Dog Food Products

Higher quality foods are in vogue and these premium items are not just beneficial for the companies selling them but also for the health and well being of the customers themselves. One area of high quality products has exploded in the past six years and has increased by almost 50% during this period of time. That product line is premium dog food products. What is construed as premium dog food products in the marketplace can diverge significantly from one company to the next but generally includes a product that is of higher quality or provides higher health benefits for your dog. The increase in these product’s popularity is somewhat linked to the concerns for the health of your pet but also somewhat tied to the emotional well being and concerns for the tastes for your dog food. Old style dog foods are considered to be of worse quality and other varieties are considered to be more attractive to dogs and dog owners. An example of this trend is a food by Caesear’s dog food, a company owned by Mars. This product line has interesting names that seem right out of a human cookbook like meat lasagna. While it won’t taste like the lasagna you and I are familiar with the composition of the product is different tasting and generally has higher quality ingredients than normal dog foods. Beneful, one of the largest dog food makers, has introduced more organic food products which are of higher quality than their peers and further builds off of their strong reputation in the industry. Another offering by Beneful that allows pet owners to further control their diet is a website that was launched and allows Purina Beneful’s customers to select the specific ingredients that make up the composition of their dog food. This lets dog owners choose those foods that they believe to be better for their pet’s health. All of this is exciting stuff and is helping to reshape the dog food industry that relied on bland packaging and sought to differentiate themselves purely by the bulk sales that they have of their products.