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Josh Vern’s Stratagies For Success

Verne said if things are not going as planned in any of his businesses, he has learned how to change the direction. He never gives up. He takes another path because he wants to realize his vision. He also knows that he is his biggest competitor. In the earlier days, he never took advice from anyone. He thought he could handle it all. That he said got him nowhere fast. Verne soon realized it only took up time and caused him to briefly lose his focus.

Josh Verne considers himself a leader, not just an employer. His team consists of people who know how to apply themselves in the business world and whom he considers family. His successes are also the teams but, if there is a collapse, he makes sure there is a plan so they won’t feel it that much. Verne also made it a point about not comparing himself or his businesses to others. Firmly believing that everyone knows what route is best for them and their path is not his to follow.

Verne knows that working smarter not hard is the key to success. He said when he began in business, he was doing everything himself and it was very hard. It was not always smooth sailing for him in the furniture business, although there were great days. The company ran into some difficulties which resulted in a sale. This action disrupted the lives of the workers who depended on him. He remembers someone telling him the reason why he has two ears and one mouth, is to listen. He took that advice wholeheartedly.

His advice to anyone who is in business or planning to start a business is, are they feeling any passion? He thinks that some people get into business and regret it. Regret is a recipe for failure. Verne knows too that balancing work and life are always difficult. He works it out by having a great family and an assistant that keeps him grounded. He is proud of his team and knows that he rely on them to continue making the company a success.