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America, You No Longer Need To Be Afraid: End Citizens United Has Got Your Back

Enough is enough. Americans are tired of watching as their country gets dismantled by a few individuals. Through End Citizens United, the American Citizenry has found a way of fighting back impunity. In 2010, the Supreme Court of America made a decision that changed the course of history. In the court ruling, a rift got opened that has since allowed billionaires to spend a fortune financing campaigns of their most preferred candidates. Something appalling about the ruling is that the billionaires got authorized to fund political parties with untraceable money.

Since the 2010 ruling, the United States of America has fallen into the wrong hands. Because of the powers awarded to billionaires by the Supreme Court, it has become a normal occurrence for the influential and wealthy members of the land to tip the balance of political power to work in their favor. In so doing, the American electorate has been left out in matters regarding their country, making them take offense in the process.

With the advent of End Citizens United has come a new age of pioneers who want to take America by force from the ‘select few’ that have plagued what was once a great nation. Since the PAC got created in 2015 by James Bopp, End Citizens United has grown from strength to strength.

Today, the organization boasts of having more than three hundred thousand members that have joined the PAC in fighting for the future of the United States of America. End Citizens United believes that the time has come for it to seek justice from the courts that once ruled against the people. Also, the PAC has been collecting donations from its many members in the recent past to finance most of its grassroots leaders during campaigns.

Apart from advocating for campaign finance reforms, End Citizens United has shifted its attention to see to it that state ballot measures get passed over the long haul. Since 2015, End Citizens United has found an unlikely partner in the Democratic Party of America. For many years, the Democrats have been fighting for electoral reforms, and that is why End Citizens United has found it meaningful to bring them on board.

Because End Citizens United is an independent organization, it no longer receives monetary donations from charities and philanthropists. In so doing, the PAC has avoided a scenario where it gets arm twisted by individuals with devious means.

Although End Citizens United is now a renowned PAC, it wants to make its name a reality by financing Democrat politicians in full gear. To date, the organization has raised more than $4 million, a value that is expected to increase to more than $30 million in the next one year.