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Securus Technologies Is The Proud Recipients Of The Stevie Award

Don’t be fooled by competitor companies that promise inmate calling features that they don’t actually provide. Securus Technologies is well known for their interactive telephone features that ensure their customers receive every minute that is allotted under their contract. The rising cost of inmate calls has prevented a lot of love ones from staying in contact with the people that they care about in a correctional facility. Securus started as a network regulation provider that was responsible for monitoring inmate calls and surveillance technology. Their goal was to ensure the safety of the general public and that is still their expressed mission.


The Stevie Award Goes To…


Securus Technologies prides themselves in the highest level of customer service excellence and have recently been awarded the prestigious Stevie Award. In fact, the Stevie Award is one of the highest customer service awards available in the industry. A top panel of over seventy-five judges are responsible for awarding Securus this prestigious award. They have over 12,000+ IT professionals that are trained in the highest level of customer service satisfaction and telecommunications securities. When you have questions or concerned let a friendly Securus Technologies customer service specialist assist you at any time.


Securus Technologies Features:


Video Visitation


Vimeo has teamed up with Securus Technologies to allow their customers a remote visitation option that lets you talk to the ones you love face-to-face. You get complete control over a high definition picture and the sound with a few onscreen controls.


Inmate Photos


An inmate never has to miss another moment of their child’s growth with inmate photos that are handled securely online. For a small fee they can retrieve photos online and print them out to have a tangible copy. However, your photos must be approved by the correctional facility.


You’re invited to become a valuable Securus Technologies customer today by visiting their exclusive website for more details.


Satisfied Customers Vouch for Securus Technologies

Established in 1986, Securus Technologies saw it fit to put their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Currently, it has regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus is a for-profit prison technology firm in America that concentrates on the specialized requirements of the law enforcement and corrections communities. It is one of the largest service providers of government information management solutions, parolee tracking, and detainee communications.


With an estimate of one thousand employees, Securus Technologies has contracts with two thousand six hundred correctional centers in the US and serves more than two thousand two hundred correctional facilities in Canada, Mexico, and the US. More than one million inmates nationwide have access to the services offered by this acknowledged leader in providing all-inclusive innovative technical solutions and customer service that is responsive. Last year in July, the company, which is ever growing, announced its move to invest an amount more than six hundred million USD in patents, technologies, and acquisitions in 3 years.


Securus Technologies is keen on offering technologically advanced products that enhance their services. It introduced a system to manage contraband mobile phones, and more than five Department of Corrections facilities had approved the Managed Access Solutions of Securus by 2016. Also, in July 2016, the firm partnered with Harris Corporation on the Cell Defender technology, and last year, Securus introduced the Wireless Containment Solution that prevents smuggled phones from connecting to mobile networks.


Customers of Securus acknowledge that the company offers technology which transforms the incarceration surrounding and assists facilities to enhance the safety of the public. A corrupt officer was searched and arrested for introducing contraband, based on phone call information provided by Securus. Also, monitoring of calls enabled the facility to get information on the use of alcohol by inmates, selling and use of drugs in the facility, and suspicious conversations among other crimes that take place in the facilities.


Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. His outstanding leadership has enabled the firm to provide quality and reliable services to its clients. He says that once a week, Securus develops a new service or product to aid law enforcement and corrections officials prevent and solve crimes. The company has a strong online presence, and more info about its services can be found on the company’s website.

The Benefits of Video Visitation

Being separated from family can be tough at Christmas time. This is especially true for a family who has a member incarcerated. Being in a corrections facility can be hard especially if there is a travel distance involved. To help ease this void, Securus Technologies has created video visitation technology that allows families to be together and stay in contact no matter where they are. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer or mobile phone.


Video visitation is giving families more flexibility when it comes to staying in touch. There is no longer any need to drive long distances and spend a lot of money to see and talk to your loved one. Because of this flexibility, families can now communicate more often as well. Some even choose to chat many times per week.


The video visitation software has been a huge asset to families during the holidays. Fathers can now be there when the kids are opening their gifts on Christmas morning. Mothers can be involved during the family meal. Family gatherings can now have one more person in attendance due to the visitation offered by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that is based out of Dallas, Texas. They have been in business for over thirty years and have been creating new technologies since the business began. Securus Technologies works for and with law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities all over North America. They work with over 3,450 agencies and create technologies that affect over 1,200,000 inmates as well.


The video visitation technology introduced by Securus Technologies has been a huge success. Families all over the country are taking advantage of this technology as it allows visitation that works with their schedule and is not dependent on travel time or someone else’s schedule. Families now have another avenue for staying in touch and staying close even when one of its members has been sent away. Technology such as this has been changing lives for the better.