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Working for Kynect

Network marketing is an increasingly common business strategy. For those unfamiliar, it usually depends on individuals who register as associates for a business, who then sell that business’s product or service. Kynect, a Dallas-based energy firm, took this strategy in an unlikely direction.

Kynect is a direct marketing company that was rebranded in 2019 after a publicly-traded business conglomerate purchased the majority of business assets belonging to Stream Energy, Kynect’s direct predecessor, which was founded in 2005.

It is uncommon to use network marketing techniques for person-to-person energy sales, but this is what the Kynect CEO, Rob Snyder decided to do. He started the company in 2005 and it has gone through several iterations since it’s impetus. Regardless of this, it is successful now.

When new associates join Kynect, they often ask what they can do to be successful themselves. Since this is such a frequently asked question, Kynect representatives have created a basic checklist. Their biggest recommendation is signing up for Kynect yourself. By using the services that you are selling, you can better describe the benefits and drawbacks to potential customers.

When selling via network marketing, goal setting is important. Set realistic and time-oriented goals for your progress. Breaking these goals down over weeks or days can make it seem more manageable. Within these weekly goals, try to invite at least two people daily to think about and look at Kynect. These people can be prospective associates, customers or both! Go To This Page for more information.

When you are joining Kynect, make good friends. Surround yourself with associates at a higher level than you are. Being around these successful people should help you learn how to be successful for yourself. It is easy to feel discouraged if you haven’t made progress in your few weeks.

It is important to stay diligent, though. Try committing to working with Kynect for at least one year. In this timeframe, most associates begin to see much better results than they did at first. Don’t forget, a positive attitude will take you far! See This Page for related information.


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