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US Money Reserve Gold is The Asset That Never Fails


Increasingly being called by CBS 19 as the ‘Last True Currency’, precious metal assets are becoming the standby safeguard for many savvy savers’ nest eggs. US Money Reserve is the company that more people rely on to supply the Gold, Platinum, and Silver assets to keep their savings valuable and readily available. They offer free consultations on a one-on-one basis.

Throughout history, the hard assets of silver, gold, and platinum have been the always reliable investment that weathers any type of economic failure. With current market volatility throughout the world, gold has raised well in value. Predictions are that gold is set to shoot up to record value. With so many political turmoils happening in the world, and various issues that have threatened the value of the US Dollar, there are so many good reasons to buy gold. Here is what multiple expert authorities have said:

  • Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff – “When the dollar is burned to a cinder and it’s not worth much, if you don’t have any gold, then what do you have? You’ve lost your wealth.”
  • GoldSwitzerland – “Physical gold, stored outside the banking system, is the ultimate form of wealth protection both against a deflationary collapse and a hyper-inflationary destruction of paper money, holding physical gold is absolutely critical to your financial survival!
  • Forbes – “All it takes for gold to rally is an international incident, or an unexpected flare up of inflation or some new financial crisis to start rolling into view. Unlike other commodities that need economic activity to drive them, gold can be driven by politics and one thing that seems to be a growing wave, is instability in global politics.”

Not much study of history is needed to find out just how flimsy paper currency actually is. Throughout history currencies not based on precious metal have failed suddenly, not just once, but again and again. Even when paper currencies do not completely fail, in hard times of rampant inflation, paper loses larger and larger percentages of value. Gold just does not have that invulnerability.

Now that you understand the danger to your savings not owning gold presents, it is time to get some gold. One of the largest and most trusted companies that distribute gold and other precious metal assets is US Money Reserve. They have the necessary experience and connections to supply the hard assets you need to be safe in challenging times. You can follow them by liking US Money Reserve on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and read their posts on LinkedIn.