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How Grace Farms Foundation Restores Ecological Sustainability


A century ago, the world was at peace with itself. Nature blossomed and people who lived then coexisted with wildlife. Currently, a lot has changed. All over the world, conservatives are innovating the best ways that are used in creating serenity and harmony between people and wildlife.

One organization that has made effortless campaign is Sharon Prince Grace Farms. Since its inception in 2009, it has fostered community relationships through nature, art, faith, and justice. Grace Farm sits on an 80 acres piece of land with ultramodern building structures that were designed by SANAA, a Japanese architecture firm.

Ecological Restoration

After the land acquisition, Sharon Prince, the president of Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation, embarked on an environmental restoration mission.

Sharon Prince’s goal is to restore the biological niche of the land by enriching the habitat so that it can accommodate a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

As a result, Grace Farms Foundation has been able to restore native meadows that were once accommodated by different indigenous species. Now, the same habitat hosts more than 80 species of birds, fluttering butterflies, and multiple species of native bees.

With so many birds’ species cruising over the vast land; a lively atmosphere has been created over the serenity. This is the perfect place to visit for anyone who wants a little break from civilization.

Sharon Prince has effectively led Grace Farms Foundation to maximum success. Under her watch, they have created a serene environment that has brought back life to the once inhabited piece of land. Most non-profit organizations prefer vast lands for various events such as team building. Its beauty is that it is open to any religious group who might want to connect with nature.

An article with Garage entitled, “Visiting Grace Farms in New Canaan, Where Pleasure and Purpose Converge”, discusses how Grace Farms draws on the idealism that inspired early settlers to create a just and equitable society.

Nature is beautiful, and we should all champion for its restoration. Otherwise, the world will be a dull place because many animal species will go extinct.

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Sharon Prince And Grace Farms Celebrate Earth Day By Teaching Nature


The 49th anniversary of Earth Day took place on Monday, April 22, 2019. Sharon Prince wants to restore more the than 80 acre land, so wild animal life can thrive on it. There are tranquil landscapes everywhere you turn. The beautiful and lush fields at Grace Farms can invite interesting conversation and education.

Sharon Prince is the head of Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms has won many awards for their contribution to social good, environmental sustainability and architecture which includes 2017 AIA national Architecture award, Fast Company’s innovation by design 2016 and also Mies Crown Hall award which she received in a symposium in the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Grace Farms teamed up with the Nature Conservancy to make the farmland suitable for wild animals. Individuals are invited to take part in the discussion about how Earth Day can benefit the lives of everyone. On Saturday, April 27,2019, Grace Farms welcomed the public to visit the farm to help celebrate Earth Day.

Visitors shared the farm’s special adventures on Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors loved going to Grace Farms to celebrate Earth Day. The idea is for humanity to preserve the private land for the use of wildlife. Open spaces and accessibility to nature means high life quality for all living things. The Earth Day celebration started out at interactive Meadows Plaza where families engaged in activities. There was an important planting demonstration given by the Pollinating Pathway where visitors learned how important ecosystems pollinators are to the environment. Click Here for more information.

There is a Habitats and Homes interactive activity designed for children from ages three to 10 and their families. Children learn about animal communities and how they construct the homes they live in. Grace Farms featured Native Bird Walks where people can learn about the farm’s more than 75 different species of birds. Master Birder, Frank Mantlik will not only host the boardwalk, at the end he’ll host a falconry demonstration.

Grace Farms is open all year round for families. Dave Gumbart hosts a demonstration about how plants and insects interact. Children learn why bees pollinate plants and how they make honey.


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