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EOS Lip Balm Launches Stick Lip Balm And Flavor Lab Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, round lip balms are currently available in money-saving four packs. The deal includes the popular flavors; Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Vanilla Bean. If you buy an assorted package, you’ll also receive a Pomegranate Raspberry stick. Yes, EOS has launched stick lip balms, along with have cream and lotion. The company’s products sell well because they don’t contain any parabens, gluten or petroleum jelly. Instead, the hydrating lip balms use sustainably sourced ingredients, such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter.

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Target initially carried the latest EOS collection called Flavor Lab but they are now available in Ulta and Kohl’s stores. Flavor Lab has six delicious flavors out, including Eucalyptus. Lavender Latte, Sweet Grapefruit, Beach Coconut, Watermelon Frosé and Lychee Martini. In a novel way to develop new products, EOS brought together 19 social media influencers to help create the new flavors.

The influencers will promote the irresistible flavors with #eosflavorlab on Instagram. They will create content superior to other social media influencers since they were a part of the product’s development. EOS has relied on celebrities and tastemakers from the beginning; early marketing efforts had the noticeable round lip balm in Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus music videos.

Shervin Pishevar Sees The U.S. Economy Going South

Shervin Pishevar calmly posts on Twitter consistently. He shares opinions and musings with a sizable number of followers. Pishevar comes off as measured and thoughtful and provides useful information. In February of 2018, however, Pishevar opted to be a little more bombastic. He went on a twitter storm that raised eyebrows and shocked many. Pishevar’s opinions about the stock and bond market probably worried many who take his views seriously.


Shervin Pishevar gained fame through his faith and investments in Uber and Airbnb when these companies were startups. Pishevar earns a living as a venture capitalist, a risky profession. He scored several hits in his career. At present, he runs Investment company  while directing energy towards the transportation endeavor known as Virgin Hyperloop One. Pishevar stands as a knowledgeable professional who understands financial matters. Therefore, his bleak assessments about the United States’ economy aren’t easily dismissed.

The early 2018 tweet storm presented a dire landscape. Shervin Pishevar suggested all 2017 gains would go away as the year progressed. He predicted an overall Dow Jones drop of 6,000 points. So far, the market experienced ups and downs. A recent 600-point market drop, an avoidable situation derived from the U.S./China trade war, suggests the market is more volatile than people assume.

And volatility can spread. Shervin Pishevar also doesn’t believe the bond market can escape an extreme economic storm. A collapse in the bond market would be disastrous for global investors. The bond market frequently acts as a safe haven for investments and hedging. If bonds dropped in value, massive wealth ends up lost.

Pishevar didn’t launch into the tweet storm for the express purpose of frightening investors. His warnings serve to share his opinions about what he considers an overvalued market. “Overvalued” is a polite way of saying the marketing is a house of cards. In Pishevar’s opinion, the stock prices aren’t worth what they appear since temporary external factors drive them up. Now, opinion and editorializing aren’t rock-solid predictions of what will happen. No one knows what the market’s eventual direction. Shervin Pishevar sees the direction going south. Will he be right?

How EOS Turned Social Media Into The Best Sales Team In The World

The EOS brand, Evolution of Smooth has conquered the world with its balmy lips, including a Spain, partly thanks to a wide variety of colors and flavors.

Taking Over an Old Market

What’s so special about these balms? It is not only their funny packaging that deserves our attention. EOS lip balms are 100% natural and 95% organic. They are made from the best ingredients that nature does not have: shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba among others.

EOS balms have a light texture that you only notice on the lips. This does not mean they will go completely unnoticed. They have a pleasant smell and a sweet taste that can become a real addiction. EOS balm is not sticky and lasts up to several hours, as long as it does not touch the lips. The texture is very pleasant; the balm is absorbed very well and, once again, keeps its shape after each application. The product is so successful also thanks to its little traditional packaging. Can you imagine a scented balm in an egg-shaped container? Surely when applying this balm, will attract a few curious looks.

What’s The Secret?

They started out with a very good idea and a marketing plan to make a product that had not changed in a hundred years a new innovative option for women. With the wave of millennials taking over the world, the brand’s strategy Target on influencers, vloggers, and celebrities. In no time, EOS was all over Facebook and social media, and their popularity started to grow, with women all over wiping shelves clean of the product.

With an upcoming expansion of the brand, EOS will continue to be a pioneer when it comes to innovation and branding of new products through the world today.


White Shark Media Tripled The Number Of Clients We Get

While I have never tried a adwords management service before in the past, I was generally enthusiastic to try these services once I found out that they existed. What a brilliant idea it is to manage the search results of major companies, brands and individuals! I really felt like my company could benefit from these services. We are in the medical field, and we are constantly looking for new clients.

Our retention rate was relatively low before we started working with a certified adwords management company. The company we chose was White Shark Media, and we chose to work with this well qualified company after our board read the testimonial that was left on their site from another medical services company. That testimonial can be found here:

Trusting The Adwords Management Company With Your Company’s Reputation

Every time I think about the fact that we are working with a trusted adwords management company, I begin to feel more at ease. I am more confident about the overall trajectory of our company’s share of the market now that we are working with White Shark Media – This company that we found to assess our adwords performance is one of the highest rated adwords management companies out there. They are certified with Google and with Bing. The have over 180 well trained digital marketing experts who are happy to serve your company in any way possible.

I feel like people are finding out about our company easier now that we are working with White Shark Media. Maybe we were not using our SEOs or keywords correctly in the past attempts to get our company name out there. We surely benefited from the risk free assessment that Someone said on Youtube that White Shark Media offers to new, interested clients. The assessment was free, and it alone showed us a lot about how our company was doing in terms of adword performance.

Some companies underestimate what having a quality adwords management company working along side your company can do for your business. I’ll give you a clue. It can double or even triple the number of clients that walk through your door. People need to find your business’s webpage in order to call your company, or in order to show up at your place of business. You shouldn’t expect too much business from word of mouth these days. Working with White Shark Media was a great idea.

Online PR Can Save Your Business

When it comes to making a successful business you would think that the creator needs to do little more than have a great product and put it in front of customers at the right price. Unfortunately, as chef and entrepreneur Andrew Gruel can attest, there is so much more that factors into the process. Now, with websites like Yelp and Angie’s List dominating the ‘review sphere’ we have seen entrepreneurs have to pick and choose how they do battle with these online review firms. As it turns out, companies like Status Labs can help them out.

When Mr. Gruel first established his sustainable seafood restaurant, Slapfish, he had little idea of the backlash that was waiting for him. The food was good, no doubt, and the presentation was beautiful but Andrew hadn’t found the sweet spot for serving size/price points for his clientele. As a result, his company was quickly hit with negative reviews all over the internet due to his pricing. As any good owner would, Andrew took the critiques to heart and amended his menu. However, the damage had been done and now prospective customers were reading these reviews and making formative decisions about his services. Not fair, right?

That is where a company like Status Labs can step in. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that helps individuals and their brands appeal to the public. With online reviews in particular, Status Labs would focus on being social and quick on the response to these customer complaints. Andrew is too busy actually running his business in order to make online PR a part of his work schedule, so Status Labs would take care of that for him.

The goal in having a responsive social outreach on review websites in particular is to give former customers attention and make them feel better and listened to. In this way other customers who read the review will see the owner’s outreach and feel better about going to the restaurant of their own accord. It’s a way for companies to fix their image on the fly if they ever run into issues.