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How Betterworks Creates a Positive Feedback Culture

When a company creates a positive feedback culture, employee engagement is heightened. Betterworks makes it easier for administrators to communicate with their staff members so that such an environment is possible. All business leaders want to learn how to boost employee performance, so  here are some ways that this solution helps create a positive feedback culture.

Follow by Example

Betterworks helps leaders improve their skills and become better coaches.  It allows managers to set goals and provide positive feedback to employees who are trying to reach these targets. When communication frequent and positive, management can lead by example. With Betterworks, a leader can maintain daily contact so that employees can follow orders without confusion.

Use Feedback to Reinforce Expectations

When an organization uses feedback as a way to proactively correct problems and encourage positive behavior, the company tends to enjoy a high level of success. Betterworks allows employees to learn from feedback and adjust their behavior accordingly. This heightens productivity.

Aid Communication

Powering a company’s teams with a solid communication platform is key for success. With Betterworks, it is possible to keep in touch at all times. When there is a simple way to record notes, conduct conversations, and set standards, a positive feedback culture is created.

Performance management is not always easy for a business. When it is possible to analyze employee behavior and improve the work environment, a business is sure to enjoy a positive feedback culture. Betterworks is a beneficial tool that will help engage a company’s staff and motivate employees to meet goals.

Cloudwick Redefines Security Through Innovation and Open Source

In a world of ever-shifting security needs, it is not enough to stop an attack that is ongoing. The future of security requires detecting, isolating, and analyzing attacks. In that way, one can learn how to prevent the next attack. Cloudwick’s security solutions leverage innovation and open source to create such a product.

Called the Cyber Data Lake, Cloudwick’s solution detects and isolates security threats and provides the transparency needed to analyze threat data and create new solutions.

Most security solutions use a set of rules to detect and stop ongoing threats. Cloudwick’s solutions go beyond rules. Machine learning helps sort legitimate traffic from security risks. This limits the possibility of false positives due to poorly-written or conflicting rules. At the same time, machine learning allows the system to detect and adjust to emerging patterns. This makes the next threat easier to detect.

Not only does Cloudwick use machine learning to adjust to developing security needs, but it democratizes security analytics. Siloed security renders data and makes it available in a Salesforce-style model. Many vendors can access the same depository of data using the same platform. This transparency of security analytics means information can be shared quickly and efficiently. New solutions can be crafted without a delay in the transfer or location of necessary data.

Cloudwick developed the Cyber Data Lake – or “CDL” – through both open source technologies and partnership with other companies including Solarflare, Bricata, and Corelight. The result is a product that redefines security for a changing world. The goal is to prevent security attacks in the first place, not merely to respond to them as they arise. This requires a seismic shift in traditional security thinking. Instead of focusing on security in the moment, one must prepare for the future. The CDL provides the flexibility needed to meet today’s needs while keeping ahead of the market’s demands.