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Vijay Eswaran Looks To Sports For Business Success

The direct sales legend Vijay Eswaran has been at the top of the industry since he established the QI Group in 1998 after searching for a number of years for the perfect business opportunity to enter the market. Despite being one of the newest entrants into the direct sales market the QI group has benefited from the innovative leadership techniques Vijay Eswaran explains have evolved over the course of his career to allow him to trust his employees to bring success to the company. Eswaran also sees the people his business touches should be given the chance to achieve as much success as he himself has achieved in his native Malaysia and around the world.

In discussing the QI Group Vijay Eswaran has taken across Asia and into India to achieve levels of success to rival his more established competitors in the direct sales industry the founder reveals he sees links between his company and successful sports teams. Much like the best sports coaches Vijay Eswaran believes his role with QI is to develop a strategy for success and train to achieve exactly what is required to become better prepared than the opponents of the company; finding the right people to achieve success is the key to achieving as much as possible in the business world for Vijay Eswaran, who believes motivated people who understand his business approach are far better qualified than those who may bring a higher level of education and experience with them.

Community is also extremely important to Vijay Eswaran who believes his business model provides individuals with the chance to free themselves from working for others in a simple and effective way. Representatives of QI are given a high level of training Vijay Eswaran often takes part in himself, hearing the uplifting stories of the people who have achieved success with QI is one of the main benefits Eswaran derives from his business.