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Tigerswan Role in Political Risk Management

James Reese TigerswanRisks are the future uncertainties that could cause harm. People, nations, and even organizations are faced with different risks. Political risk is one that affects the three at the same and causes a lot of instability. It is therefore wise to set up ways of curbing such risks to avoid losses. Tigerswan is a global security consultancy firm that was founded by James Reese, a retired U.S Army Lieutenant. It is a company that has been equipped with qualified personnel to help either prevent, control, or reduce political Risk. This has helped it conquer in areas where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver.

As time passes by and technology keeps evolving, so should the political risk management strategies. Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart’s article, “Managing 21st Century Political Risk,” has explained how times have changed over the last two and a half decades politically. This has called in for a change in the way the whole situation is handled. In the past, these risks could be solved by just cold wars and defined borders in terms of opinions. Today according to Rice and Zegart, the affected political base includes “rising states, declining states, failed states, rogue states and non-state actors like terrorist groups and cybercriminals.” The previously set strategies, such as wars and defined borders, cannot resolve today’s political risks.

Tigerswan was established with a good understanding of the evolved 21st-century political uncertainty. It’s been able to capture the four major steps Illustrated by Rice and Zegart as a framework for global risk management:

  • Understanding the Risk
  • Being able to research more about the Risk
  • How to reduce exposure to the Risk
  • How to effectively respond, in case the Risk occurs

Every of its personnel understands the political Risk they are faced within each level of their work. They all know the processes of responding to the Risk and eliminating it as soon as they can. This ensures they are all alert and ready to control it and reduce losses.

Among the different departments at this firm are the global security operations center, the crisis management experts, and the guardian angel platform. These are some of the key sectors that help deal with the various political risks, with every department playing a key role. The global security operations center helps in understanding the anticipated Risk. The crisis management experts use their military intelligence to configure the threats and reduce the Risk. The guardian angel platform uses advanced technology to check the different information systems and try to detect any threat that could arise from the data streams. Every department plays a significant role in managing risk.

Tigerswan has had successful projects in risky danger zones such as the Middle East, where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver. Among some of those projects are;

Reconstruction of the 39 Villas in Saudi Arabia.

This was a 720 days project. It was faced with the responsibility of undoing the previous structures, reconstructing the villas, and providing security during the entire project.

Roofing of the four, 100-room quarters for Marine Corps in North Carolina

It was entrusted with furnishing the apartments with quality security equipment such as generators, lights, landscaping, and water retention ponds. The roofing of the apartments was done correctly with a clear mark of professionalism.

Saudi Arabia’s Gate Entry and Watchtower

This involved building a gatehouse and watchtower with robust security, as stated in their contract.

Being a firm that has always delivered whenever called upon, it has earned its name internationally. Also, working closely with qualified personnel and its flexibility to change are some of the factors that have and will continue contributing significantly to its success.

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GPB Global Resources Thrives In Africa’s Resource Extraction Scene

Internationally, there has been groundbreaking progress for GPB Global Resources B.V. Their exploration, as an oil firm, has reaped great rewards for the Russian founder and also Managing Director, whose name is Boris Ivanov. Although GPB has found Amsterdam, Netherlands to serve as a headquarters location quite well, the bulk of GPB’s new opportunities actually lie thousands of miles elsewhere. More specifically, it is Africa that takes Ivanov’s interest, as well as South America, albeit to a smaller degree.

With regards to these territories, which GPB Global Resources seeks to inhabit, there is a unique legal ecosystem around the oil operations. Some of these, thankfully, have solid oil regulation already sufficiently in place, but, of the 54 total, there are a striking amount of these lands that do not have such resource extraction rules determined as of now. For a GPB related project, well-established orders when it comes to the sphere of resource extraction are a great help.

Regulatory extraction hurdles obviously present GPB Global Resources with some interesting challenges, but there exist for the aforementioned GPB additional physical challenges. Among these, the often extremely remote coordinates that these nations’ resources lie in are subject to inferior infrastructure, which will ultimately make such resources even harder for GPB to attempt to extract.

This particular sector, resource extraction that is, is likely moving towards more renewable sources and also highly reduced consumption by certain economies. GPB Global Resources has a team and leader who acknowledge this. Accordingly, Boris Ivanov noted that this trend will surely impact both resource prices and the nature of his long-term oil investments. Ivanov believes that technology investments will now return GPB and similar entities better, and environmental adaption, Boris says, is inevitable.

Timely information, therefore, is what GPB Global Resources will naturally need to rely upon, and governmental disputes, as Ivanov noted, can severely impact international businesses like GPB. Avoiding local conflicts is key to doing such international negotiations in the resources extraction industry, and maintaining a strong, mutual information flow is the vital professional glue that can ultimately hold such operations like GPB’s Africa endeavor together.

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The Two Worlds of Clément Perrette

A noted figure in the finance sector, Clément Perrette has led skilled teams and developed successful programs. With his financial expertise, Perrette has been successful in assisting his employers in acquiring reputations as leaders in the international field of finance. Perrette has also been successful in garnering funds for a variety of philanthropic causes and ocean conservation, which is his cause célèbre.

In 1983, after earning a Bachelor’s degree from Académie Versailles, Perrette went on to attain a degree in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science and applied Mathematics.

In 1990, he furthered his education by earning a Master of Finance from HEC Paris, a prestigious international business school. After working at New York’s Worms & Cie, Perrette returned to Paris, where he was employed at Deutsche Bank in Paris and Barclays Capital. At these financial institutions, Perrette was in charge of developing and maintaining the integrity of a successful STRIPS (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities) program.

At Barclays, Monsieur Perrette assisted the company greatly by raising its profile as a worldwide leader in EUR Long-End Government Bonds, STRIPS and EUR Swaps. The current day host of Perrette’s is RAM Active Investment, where he acts as the senior portfolio manager.

While Clément Perrette has helped many in the financial sector, he also is passionately involved with ocean conservation. His interest and concerns have led him to publish Call of the Blue. Replete with fascinating photos of the sea and its inhabitants, Perrette’s book describes the ecological issues of the ocean and the protection requirements for its preservation.

This work is well-researched and documented as Perrette presents the research and practice of 52 scientists and biologists. He has also produced a film, Ocean Souls, that urges the protection of dolphins and whales that are still being hunted in the oceans. Just as he did in the financial realm, so, too, does Clement Perrette bring vigorous efforts to his beloved cause for the preservation of the wonders of the ocean.

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Under Armour Bouncing Back With Performance

Under Armour CEO and founder Kevin Plank formed the company making football players undershirts that were sweat wicking in his grandmother’s basement. The brand has always focused on products that perform. The company recently began to admit that it wanted to compete with Adidas and Nike.

Attempt to Be More Competitive

Kevin Plank’s company would have to manage style and make the products work everywhere instead of just inside the gym. The efforts which include collaborating with Tim Coppens for a sportswear line did not go over as well as Under Armour hoped. Kevin Plank is looking at the past performance to find the success in the future.

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Kevin Plank Easing Investor’s Minds

Founder of Under Armour Kevin Plank has told Under Armour investors that the company was going to double the efforts for performance. IN 2018 the company’s sales increased to over $5 billion, a gain of just over 4% as a result of international business. The company and Kevin Plank experienced a slowdown after years of record growth and it now trying to get momentum back.

Attempting to Jumpstart Sales

Focusing on performance might not be the best way to give sales a boost or the easiest. Over half of sales were to U.S. consumers who are buying athleisure inspired by sports. The consumers are not buying items that are purely performance at the same rate. NPD Group, a research firm, reported that sales for performance footwear were decreasing and had been for three years. Over half of those who use active footwear do not exercise at all. Less than half of the people use sports shoes for sports.

Performance Not Top Attribute

The results found by the NDP group show that people are not necessarily looking for performance when they buy activewear or footwear. This is a challenge for Under Armour as a brand that is based on performance. It is not impossible for a brand focused on performance to succeed but they have to be aware of the trends and desires of shoppers.

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How José Auriemo Made His Name At JHSF

José Auriemo is a Brazilian businessman who has spent the majority of his career with real estate giant JHSF. Though he currently serves as the firm’s chairman and CEO, it took him a considerable amount of time to get there. This may be because Auriemo may not have initially planned on working with the company for the majority of his career. Instead, he worked there part-time while pursuing a college degree.

However, he soon came to believe that he would much prefer working full-time at JHSF than he would with a different company after he graduated from college. As a result, he left university and applied himself full-time to learning everything he could about the firm’s operations. This subsequently meant that he gained a significant amount of expertise in almost all aspects of the business, which enabled him to develop a keen eye for new projects.

One of the largest of these was the CidadeJardim shopping complex, although development of the project was first met with hesitation. This was predominantly driven by the fact that JHSF didn’t possess much experience in the commercial real estate niche. Despite this, he managed to push through the 800,000 square foot development, which also involved partnering with a variety of international retail brands.

By doing so, José Auriemo was able to make a success out of the Sao Paolo-based complex. As a result of this, JHSF became increasingly more involved in the commercial real estate sector in Brazil while Auriemo continued climbing the ladder within the firm. Though the company has established a variety of other projects across the country, the CidadeJardim development continues to be one of its shining jewels.

This is especially true now that JHSF has partnered with the Fasano brand for a $900 million investment in the shopping complex, which will see a variety of new buildings and amenities added to it. A Fasano hotel will be the most prominent of these, although new additions will also include several residences and a club for people who purchase them. Construction on these has already begun, with this set to be finished by 2022.

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Sharon Prince Grace Farms Is Devoted To Nurturing And Fostering Peace Worldwide

There is an unfortunate lack of awareness around the world of the lingering presence of slavery. While many among the general public assume that slavery is a problem of the past, that is not actually the case. Modern slavery continues to exist in the industries of construction and architecture in many parts of the world even in modern times. Sharon Prince of Grace Farms wishes to call attention to this important issue and reduce the prevalence of modern slavery around the world.

Forced labor occurs at construction sites in many areas. There is a lack of attention to this pertinent issue. This problem is related closely to the issue of forced labor in the production of construction materials. Raw and composite materials used in construction and architecture projects are unfortunately manufactured through slave labor. Construction and architecture companies around the world need to be aware of this problem to avoid sourcing materials from forced labor situations.

The only solution to the forced labor issue is for companies like building contractors to recognize the problem. Construction operations need to dedicate themselves to sourcing materials like glass, timber, iron, and stone from manufacturers who do not produce through slave labor. This requires contractors to put effort into researching their sources and verifying the fairness of their labor and product production practices.

Sharon Prince, founder of Grace Farms, is dedicated to raising awareness of the slave labor problem in construction. She has worked to implement the Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group initiative. Sharon Prince has worked to address numerous related issues including human trafficking, child exploitation, and violence directed against women. Grace Farms is devoted to nurturing and fostering peace worldwide. Some of the organizations Sharon Prince Grace Farms Prince works with to foster peace include Next Generations Nepal and the United Nations Security Council.

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Kevin Plank Thinks Its Time To Pay Student Athletes For Money They Generate

It’s been a long-simmering debate in the realm of college athletics. Sports teams, and especially the high-profile stars of nationally-ranked teams, generate millions of dollars for the colleges and universities they play for, but the athletes themselves don‘t receive a dime.

A classic example was the enormous popularity of Tim Tebow, the quarterback for Florida State University and winner of the Heisman Trophy. Sales of his jersey alone made Florida among the top three universities in the country for merchandise sold. That figure (which includes all merchandise) was nearly $6 million. But Tebow didn’t see a penny of it.

Now the owner and CEO of a major athletic apparel company said it’s high time the system is changed. Kevin Plank is the founder of Under Armour. He told reporters recently that athletes should receive compensation when their names, images or likeness are used to make money for others. Companies like Under Armour and Nike also benefit from the arrangement because they contract with the universities to manufacture, promote and sell merchandise using the popularity of star student-athletes.

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The entrepreneur said the current system is not fair. He said the using athletes to generate millions in profits while they get nothing is hypocritical. The amount of money associated with the selling of college sports stars is astronomical. For example, UCLA recently inked a $280 million deal with Under Armour.

While it’s true it helps athletes by providing them with first-class sporting facilities, equipment and training, Kevin Plank thinks the athletes themselves are being left out in the cold. Even if the top tier athletes are getting their college paid for by sports scholarships, Plank said the situation remains patently unfair.

There are signs that the system is changing. For example, the California legislature recently passed its Fair Play to Play Act. It will allow student-athletes to sign endorsement deals, hire agents and enter into licensing contracts. The NCAA has come out strongly against the bill, but Kevin Plank is in favor of it.

Kevin Plank played football in NCAA Division I for the University of Maryland Terrapins during his college career.


Sujit Choudhry Influences Future World Leaders

Sujit Choudhry is an international scholar who has attained tremendous success in the interpretation and experience of the practice of law. Born in Delhi, India, Choudhry was heavily influences by his mother and father who constantly read him local newspapers and the CBC radio station throughout his childhood in Toronto, Canada. Although he is the first Indian native dean of a top law school, Sujit Choudhry’s greatest accomplishment has been his speeches and written works about constitutional law and it’s relation to several global issues.

With his vast knowledge of many cultures, Sujit Choudhry approaches constitutional law with a unique point of view. His messages and writings have been cited by several influential members of global society including the United Nations. Choudhry’s experience has afforded him the opportunity to serve as a consultant on the development of constitutions for various countries including Egypt, South Africa and Sri Lanka. As founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions, he has participated in the essay collection entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” which depicts the challenges that disputes over territory lines presents with the creation and implementation of a constitution.

The essay collection “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes case studies that provide a view about the real-life effects policy has on a nation. The text explores constitution policies of several countries and offers recommendations of how to best proceed with the creation of a constitution for a newly established government. Sujit Choudhry edited the collection in collaboration with George Anderson, a fellow United Nations consultant.

 The influence of educated scholars in the field help newly formed nations to establish a constitution that provides a foundation for a prosperous future. New leaders can reference works such as “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” for explanation of constitutional law and advice on the complex nature that is involved with its inception. The new governments can draw from the vast experience and knowledge of scholars in constitutional law such as Sujit Choudhry.

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Fashions’ Future is Bright at the Academy of Art University

If fashion is your forte, the Academy of Art University may be just the place for you! Boasting a beautiful campus in San Francisco, California, and an online option for those who can’t make the move, this University is one of the premiere art institutes in the United States.

The Academy of Art University thrives on building a community of students and graduates that support one another throughout the process of achieving dreams and taking on the global market in all things art. Even online students have the option of chatting with classmates in class discussion areas.

On September 9, 2017, the Academy had their 21st runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square which included two collaborations between graduates. With seven collections provided by ten graduates of the University, this show proved to be yet another addition to the successes of this institution. The graduates proved to be a very diverse group, coming from not only all over the United States but ranging all the way to China. Even though these graduates spent countless days working on their collections, they literally only got “fifteen minutes of fame,” as that’s how long the runway show lasted.

 The designers’ inspirations came from many different places, with Hailun Zhou from China stating that hers came from the personal experience she gained while out and about on a random days conquests and Eden Slezin being inspired by his “love affair” with vintage denim. It is evident that these designers had put a lot of thoughts, feelings, and passion into their collections before constructing and presenting them; one of the many things that were taught to them at the Academy of Art University.

Within the aspirations and beautiful designs shown throughout the fashion show, it is evident that the University is producing graduates who are thriving in their fields. Not only do they offer degrees in fashion, but in an exuberant amount of fields within the art, media, and design world. This is a university that truly cares about growing the art community and providing well-educated people to contribute to an already budding industry.

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Your Work with Expert Michael Nierenberg

With a lot of people wanting a great investment banker they can trust, it’s why so many have chosen Michael Nierenberg. With the years of experience he has and the work he has done for Bear Stearns, it is absolutely no wonder that he has become a tried and trusted investment expert for individuals needing his help. He has an extensive history with other companies and some of the top banks in the world, giving him an edge over other experts who you might have hired and worked with in the past.

The wonderful thing about Michael Nierenberg is that he can be found easily online, giving you the opportunity to find and look at the profile that he currently has. You can see for yourself the work he has done in the past as well as how much he charges for the services he is offering. You can feel confident in using Michael Nierenberg for his investment services and know that you have the help of a professional who is going to help in more ways than just one. By giving Michael Nierenberg and his services a try, you’ll see just why this option has become a trusted source.

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