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Ryan Seacrest in Fashion and Media

The media industry needs people who are creative and naturally humorous. Ryan John Seacrest popularly known as Ryan Seacrest, places prominence in radio and television broadcasting. He has produced several award-winning shows such as the American Idol show, which was featured among the top 40 American programs. Ryan is the host of the celebrated KIIS- FM morning show, known as “On air with Ryan Seacrest.” He is the executive producer and co-host of “Dicks Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve.”

The genius in media was born in 1974 in Georgia. He is a Christian from white ethnicity. He joined Dunwoody high school and later joined the University of Georgia where he earned his journalism degree. After completing his high school studies, Ryan secured an internship at WSTR FM based in Atlanta. At a tender age of 16 years, Ryan was trained by Tom Sullivan many aspects in the radio industry.  He worked at the radio station until he graduated from high school. After training at Hollywood, he took his first television hosting during the 1st season of ESPN’s radical outdoor challenge. He is mainly associated with hosting three-game shows which are NBC Saturday night movie, Gladiators and Animal games. Ryan also hosted a reality show know as ultimate revenge.

Besides broadcasting, Seacrest is a self-made entrepreneur. He is the founder of a popular men’s cloth line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The brand name s is recognized for its iconic and eye-catching collections. The cloth line, which was incepted in 2014, focuses on producing stunning men’s accessories.

The cloths are made from quality fabric escorted with masculine signatures. The cloths are made from different colors, which are blended in unexpected ways. The cloth line incorporates the label made SmartTM – a line well known for providing tips to help men match a coordinated look. All the fabric designs are well supervised by him and have to be approved like his own wear and lifestyle (Didyouknow).

Ryan Seacrest Distinction makes a wide range of products ranging from sweaters, outer pants, pants, men’s tailored clothing and other men’s accessories. To ensure that the clothes are available nationwide, the cloth line partners with Macy’s stores for the betterment. Prior to investments, Ryan Seacrest is a philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of his company charity arm.

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