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Nina Vaca and the Value of Working Hard

For many people, the American Dream is being able to start their own business. Nina Vaca and her family realized the importance of achieving this dream. By the age of 17, Vaca was helping lead her family’s business.

Flash forward and Vaca has realized this dream once again. Following college, and a two-year stint in New York, she moved back to Texas where she came up with the inspiration for Pinnacle Group, an IT workforce solutions firm.  Pinnacle Group was a thriving company, until an unexpected tragedy on September 11, 2001, sent shock waves throughout the global economy.

Down, but not out, Vaca began working long hours, many of which were unpaid, to see her business through the challenging times. Fortunately, this determination paid off in a major way. Vaca started receiving much-deserved recognition from the business community.

When’s she’s not running Pinnacle, Vaca spends her time helping others. She is a vocal supporter of efforts to involve more women and minorities in business. In addition, Vaca founded At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership. The goal of this organization is to help more women succeed in obtaining board positions.


Sergey Petrossov is Changing the Aviation Industry

At the age of only 28, JetSmarter CEO and Founder, Sergey Petrossov is making a huge impact on the private jet industry. His company, JetSmarter offers users the opportunity to charter private jets, to take jet shuttles, and to create charters with other members at their own convenience.

The entrepreneur is no newbie to the company startup game, he was part of a startup just out of college that worked with audio for online customer service and also helped found a distance learning company that is still working today. The name of the game in this case, however, is, of course, private jet travel.

His interest in private jet travel came from an acquaintance. He found that thousands of flights each year were private jets and that there was plenty of room for improvement. The company helps users to share private jet charters, to have their own jet, or to take jet shuttles. JetSmarter also offers jet deals so you can save even more money while not sacrificing any comfort or style.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov hopes to get his predictive hospitality plan off the ground so that you can get the best results possible each time you fly. The company hopes to take the travel experience to the next level and Sergey does not deny that there are possible other ventures he will pursue.

He feels that he is prepared to take his business into the next stages and to truly make JetSmarter the premier service when it comes to private jet travel. The company already has some high profile investors and is set to roll out even more flights to more countries for an even more inclusive experience. While there is always room to grow, the company has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and Sergey says that he is excited to see what the future holds and to see what the company can truly grow to be in the future.

How Sergey Petrossov Chooses His Employees

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov always surrounds himself with the best talent that he can possibly find. That is one of the main reasons why all of the projects that he is involved in end up succeeding in a very big way. He does not pick these people at random. There is a very careful selection process that takes place. This enables him to judge each person and take a close look at what they bring to the table. He has been doing this for many years and his track record speaks for itself. So what are the factors that Sergey takes into consideration when he is going to hire someone?

Sergey Petrossov likes to look at a person’s creativity. He will analyze all of the various projects that the person has been involved in before. How much of the project was the person actually responsible for? He tries to determine a person’s level of creativity. He will also look at their leadership potential. He might need someone to be in charge of a project. If this is the case, the person he hires needs to have very strong leadership credentials. Sergey only hires people he can trust to be in charge of employees when he is not around.

Sergey Petrossov also prefers to hire people who have worked for one company for a long period of time. He feels that company loyalty is something that has been lost these days. He wants to know that the people he hires are going to be around for a long time to come. He does not want people to quit and work somewhere else after only working at his company for a few months. Ideally, he prefers to have a very low turnover rate at his company. He feels this is better for the productivity of the company.

Nina Vaca’s Impact on the Modern World

Nina Vaca

Nina Vaca has always known that to create change, she must apply herself on a daily basis to whatever she wants to alter. She knows that this is not an easy road, but she has consistently proven that she is capable every single time she has been presented with an opportunity to change the world.

This is the sort of progressive mindset that businesspeople find valuable in the modern day. Despite the fact that Vaca has been a business leader for so many years, she still manages to find a new perspective on the whole industry when she takes the time to analyze it. This is the mark of a good businessperson; if they are able to change the world around them while maintaining a sense of humility, they will be an important force of change in the modern world. This is why Vaca nurtures strong relationships with those around her.

Vaca believes that doing this will ultimately secure her position as an international businesswoman. Even if she did not take great pains to become close to the people she worked with, most people would still expect Vaca to find quite a bit of success in the modern world. Because of this reality, she has taken to pursuing as many change-inducing business endeavors as she can. Since she is such a well-respected figure within the world of business, she has the credibility to use her position to help others and to work on her craft.

How To Capture Leads For Your Business with Classified Ads

There are many free online/offline classified ad out there. Some people thinks that it doesnt really work to get the prospect with that service. The fact is that many new marketers using it, posting their offer over and over again. Why? because its easy and FREE. leolist
I’ll show you the right way to advertise with it. You must use a two step ad. this is the working example:
Ordinary people are making EXTRAORDINARY money WORKING FROM HOME on the Internet! Get FREE info by email. Send your request to:
You can see that the Ad is short eye catching, but the reason why it calls a two steps Ad is because it does’nt lead your prospect directly to your promoted website. It works two steps: step 1 asking the prospect to send email to the autoresponder address. step 2 the autoresponder capture the email and then send an offering email with your website link in it. You can send blank email to the above address to see how it work from inside.
Most of the time this is the most effective way with Classified Ad, where you can only put a very short Ad in it. So the job of your ad only to grab the attention and drive them to send an email for complete information, make them curious about your product!
In order to execute this type of promotion you need to have your own autoresponder, there are some free autoresponders out there.

The autoresponder will capture the email and send the offering email automatically so your job only placing your ad to many free classified ads out there. You need to set up the offering letter first in your autoresponder before placing the ad.
I have used this strategy with local yellowpages and I put my ad only once a week and I got new leads/subscribers everyday with the little effort I’ve done.
Happy List Building!

Exactly How To Gain Media Coverage With Your New Product

You have a brand-new product. Currently, the following action is to make sales.

Any business, whether online or a brick-and-mortar store, needs a reliable advertising technique to engage existing clients as well as attract new ones. Unfortunately, advertising a product isn’t as easy as it seems.

It can be challenging to market a brand-new item. If you’re looking to promote your product, getting promotion can help you get to tens of thousands of clients. Have a look at some ideas to advertise it by linking to the media:

Produce a newsworthy news release.

The news paid press release distribution service may seem an old school strategy, yet it is still very efficient for creating media protection. Through the years, it has evolved to reach consumers, not merely journalists.

There are different ways you can compose a release regarding your item launch. One tried and tested technique that you can attempt is providing free items.

Occasionally, journalists are motivated to discuss a brand-new item when they see it.

Announcing giveaways can additionally be an excellent angle to compose a tale concerning your brand name. Capitalize on this tactic to obtain more connection with the media, followers, as well as sales.

Try a crowdfunding project.

Releasing a crowdfunding project with Kickstarter, Tilt or Indiegogo is one specific means to obtain grip with the media. It is a practical approach to gain promotion, fund a new item or venture, discover funding for your new product and also obtain help from “backers” to go after item development.

Journalists like products that give advantages to their viewers. See to it that you compose an excellent crowdfunding brand-new that has worth. Moreover, you ought to have the ability to create a superb history story to encourage both backers and also the media.

Advertise an intro campaign on Facebook.

While conceptualizing your item, you might create an intro on Facebook merely to announce that something exciting or new is turning up. It’s an efficient means to produce the interest of fans and also the media alike.

Although the launching might take a while, establishing a new partnership with your followers can build your online authority and enhance your website traffic. It is additionally suitable for producing a buzz online to get media attention.

Use influencers to obtain words out.

Check out influencers within your specific niche as they can help you get the word out regarding your brand-new product. Without straight advertising and marketing, they can aid you to promote it via their social media sites accounts.

Bloggers or influencers have big followers who conveniently authorize their referrals and also recommendations. Well- recognized influencers are additionally highlighted in the media, so it offers journalists a suggestion about what to create on their next story.

Sign up with HARO.

Aid a Reporter Out (HARO) is a complimentary, simple and also fast way to connect with the media. Day-to-day, marketing professionals get alerts of what press reporters require. It’s your opportunity to highlight as well as use what you have.

Getting connected with individuals you need to obtain publicity is the first step to build a partnership with them. It takes time due to the fact that you have to help it. Deal them the information they require. It’s a sure means to engage as well as obtain future interactions and promotion.

Construct a social network.

Social networking is a point today. Use numerous social networks channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others to obtain even more followers, rise sales and also acquire media insurance coverage.

These networks can be a reliable device for marketing is you use it to develop connections with the media. Remember that “Rome wasn’t built overnight.” You need to remain present and also constant to build social media sites complying with and also obtain publicity.

Do you have any more pointers to gain a link with the media? Let us recognize what you can recommend.

Victoria Doramus: Charitable Work

Digital and print media expert Victoria Doramus has worked with many notable companies since graduating with a B.A in journalism. Her work with well-known companies such as the Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Mindshare focused on branding and advertising.

After her success in print and digital media, Victoria Doramus moved into the film and TV industry, and this expanded her knowledge of marketing and trend analysis. Aside from her professional endeavors, Victoria Doramus has a passion and dedication to charity work. Below are some of the charities that Victoria Doramus fiercely supports.

Best friends Animal Society

The Best friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare society. The animal charity I a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in the 1980s when a group of best friends decided to take unadoptable pets from shelters and give them medical care, find them forever homes, or give them a sanctuary to live out their lives.

Room to Read

Victoria Doramus actively works with non-profit organization Room to Read to help girls in impoverished countries like India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Tanzania finish secondary school and learn a skill to help them succeed.

Women’s Prison Association

The Women’s Prison Association supports thousands of women that have been imprisoned in New York for either drug-related or property crimes. A high record of the women who are imprisoned are low-income women of color who haven’t received the opportunity to overcome circumstances caused by poverty. The Women’s Prison Association tries to provide opportunities to help low-income women to avoid arrest. WPA helps women find housing, receive mental health services, and learn skill for life.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

Talented singer Amy Winehouse died at the age of twenty-seven after having battled her addiction to drugs and alcohol for many years. In their grief, Amy’s friends and family decided to establish The Amy Winehouse Foundation to help to support young people in their fight against addiction. Victoria Doramus battled and overcame addiction. She knows how important it is to warn people about how dangerous addiction is.

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Competing in the Commercial Banking Field

On November 7, 2016, Nexbank CEO and President John Holt participated in a forum as a panelist at the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference to come up with innovative and cutting edge ways to grow and branch out in the banking industry. Holt participated in the fifth annual event for banking leaders which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the conference, the Nexbank President participated in a discussion about using innovation to compete with banking competitors and reinvent commercial banking in the community.


Nexbank provides small businesses, large businesses, and institutions with the capital to achieve both short term and long term goals. Lending services are personalized to fit a variety of budgets so that entrepreneurs are able to start their own companies and institutions and provide jobs for workers. Holt makes sure that his staff works closely with clients to provide financial advice and work out a flexible lending plan.


Holt also offers commercial real estate lending services so that individuals can find the perfect place to open their new business. Both owner-operated real estate and construction and development projects can be financed to satisfy the needs of business owners. In addition, existing loans can be refinanced to lessen burdens that some entrepreneurs have when they unknowingly settle for loans with high-interest rates.


Competing with other commercial banks by offering loans with fair rates and ongoing professional guidance is how the Nexbank reinvents and innovates the field. Allowing businesses to grow by providing the right means is a way for Holt to gain more clients and help communities grow.

Rick Cofer’s Drive To Helping People

Rick Cofer has always had the drive to succeed in his career; after almost a decade working as a prosecutor, he founded his practice defending those charged with crimes. The Austin-based practice has been growing steadily ever since and Mr. Cofer is always there for people who need legal advice. But his passion for and willingness to help people extends well beyond his practice; he’s been involved with some Austin-based charities and non-profits for the past few decades.

At one point Rick Gofer was the chair o the City of Austin Zero Waste Commission, which helped to get a ban on plastic bags throughout Austin. Now, he’s the Vice Chair of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Board. He’s also worked with homelessness non-profits and more, and that’s before we even mention his political work. But where did Rick Gofer find the energy and passion for helping so many people across such diverse causes? A lot of it can be brought back to when he worked at the Travis County Attorney’s Office as the mental health attorney.

Through this, he was able to learn the inner workings of the mental health system and help people through some of the most challenging times in their lives. This is where Mr. Gofer realized that he should be helping people as much as possible, especially when they’re going through difficult circumstances. This eventually led him to his work with the homeless, which also sent him on a path to try to improve the Austin area. For example, he recently helped pass a Parks Board resolution to help tackle recycling and waste diversion in the city.

Because of that, Austin will be a lot cleaner and a lot more green from the next few months onward. Rick Cofer’s outlook on life isn’t very surprising once you’ve seen that kind of resume. As he has put it, the most valuable lesson you can learn in life is to treat people well. In Rick Gofer’s word, people may forget what you did for them and what you said to them.

However, they’ll never forget how you made them feel; with that in mind, some professional decency and positive goodwill can go far. Being kind to people not only makes their day better but can make the world of difference to both them and you. This includes the likes of any support staff that may be around; treat them with kindness and respect.

Krishen Iyer’s Interview Recap

The interviewer starts by asking Krishen Iyer where the Idea of his company Quick Link Marketing came to from. Krishen Iyer explains how there were a need and lack of availability for connecting firms in need of specialized market solutions with lead generation companies able to provide these solutions. The rest of the interview asks more personal questions about Krishen Iyer’s motives, day to day, lessons learned, habits, ideas, and professional recommendations.

Iyer’s responses to most of the interviewer’s questions revolve around the tools and skills of technology, perceptions, and communication. The interviewer asks how Iyer’s day to day schedule is. The first part of his day is client interfacing, then after he focuses on his other responsibilities such as technology development and marketing. Next up was the question about what trends excite him. Krishen Iyer appreciates the marketing analytics technology available to us; he later goes into this again explaining how this was one of the most significant contributors to helping his business grow. Iyer was asked how he brings ideas to life.

Krishen Iyer believes that communication is the key to bringing ideas to life. He explains that the most excellent ideas come from many different viewpoints through communication about one idea. When asked what his worst job was, or his business failures he merely talks about using your perception of the situation to come out on top. Krishen Iyer doesn’t see failure; he perceives opportunities to learn and grow. When Iyer was asked what he would do differently if he could start over again he simply said that he does not entertain hypotheticals, he believes that life is tough enough already. Instead of hypotheticals, he evaluates past decision for improvement in the future, again that’s another way of saying that he looks at things at different perspectives.

At the end of the interview, Krishen suggests Steven King’s “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft,” He says that this book provides advice entrepreneurs can use. Krishen’s analytical and detail-oriented mindset has brought him where he is today. Krishen Iyer is the founder of Iyer real estate Co; this contributes to his philanthropic and privately held companies like Managed Benefits Services, a company based in Fresno. This company focuses on in specialized verticals of health insurance as well as dental insurance marketing and consulting.

Iyers graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. With all of these accomplishments, Krishen still takes time out of his hectic day’s to contribute to his fellow man through community services, regularly scheduled clean up events, and gives a helping hand during humanitarian crises. Follow Krishen Iyer here on Facebook.