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Alexandre Gama’s Success Includes His Own Neogama Advertising Agency

     The Brazilian advertising expert, Alexandre Gama, has become one of the world’s top creative professionals from his home country of Brazil where he is now seen as one of the leaders in the advancement of the advertising industry in the country. As the reach of Brazilian advertising and Alexandre Gama extended across the 1990s, Gama himself looked to gain control of his own future and creative output by establishing his own agency, Neogama in 1999; the success the Rio de Janeiro born executive achieved in the 1990s continued with his own agency as it was the fastest growing in Brazil across its first three years in operation.

Neogama became a leading part of the advertising industry on a global scale as he has embarked on an expansion of the Neogama brand that has taken in partnerships with a number of globally respected brands. A keen supporter of maintaining and expanding upon the Brazilian culture in the 21st-century, Alexandre Gama has recently returned his Neogama agency to independent status and looked to develop the brand within Brazil. As Neogama is now longer a part of the BBH network, Alexandre Gama is once again bringing about a major level of independent success in the 21st-century.

NuoDB: The New Alternative to Alternative to Conventional RDBMSs

With the recent upsurge in data volume, almost every business is looking for the best way to scale up their databases. However, scaling up the traditional relational database management systems (or RDBMS) have proven to be quite expensive. Consequently, many businesses have been forced to seek for affordable scale-out databases solutions, one of them being the NuoDB databases.

NuoDB database is a NewSQL-oriented DBMS (database management system) that is specifically designed to switch between the cloud database and on-premise deployments. Just like in relational databases, application programs interact and communicate with NuoDB via SQL statements. However, NuoDB architecture diverges from relational approaches by utilizing three-tier structure, which includes administrative, storage, and transactional tiers. The tier approach implies that the NuoDB can function without coupling applications with data on a disk drive—this is not possible in some cloud applications.

Ecommerce companies and software vendors favor NuoDB due to its scale-out simplicity, continuous availability, elasticity, transactional consistency, and durability. So if you are trying to get your business or app off the ground, NuoDB is the perfect database to consider. It will not only allow you to easily route tasks nodes via its peer-to-peer messaging but it will also give you an opportunity to seamlessly switch your databases between on-premise databases and the cloud databases.

The Brazilian Advertiser

     Alexandre Gama is a brazilian advertiser and business man, he is also the founder and ceo of neogama which is one of 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He was the first Brazilian to be at the front of global network of communications agencies in his days as the creative officer of BBH. Another outstanding achievement is that he is the only brazilian to be part of the global creative board.

Gama’s successful career began in 1982 as a writer for for the agency standart Ogilvy. His career kicked of n 1990 when he began to work as a copywriter for DM9 where he worked for 4 years. During his time there he was the most awarded writer in Brazil and also was a partner and vice president of agencies like AlmapBBDO. In 2012 he became an official member of the board of the brazilian association of advertising agencies. In 1999 he founded an agency named Neogama which was the first advertising agency in Brazil to win a lion which was awarded at Cannes film festival.

Howitt Sawyer Talks About How to Take Advantage of the Modern Age Technology in Business

     Many Millennia’s are bouncing back to the life of investments in significant ways, with visionary ideas and breath-taking sunny optimism. All these are despite the global recession that was experienced not so many years ago. One cannot help but admire their courage and their spunk, considering what they have been through in their lives.

The United States Chamber of Commerce in 2011 reported that those people born between 1980 and 2000 were opening up to 160,000 businesses per month. The report indicates that they even have the capacity and the potential to open more than this. More than 27 % of the Millennia’s are self-employed and more taking into private entrepreneurship.

Howitt sets it in the record that there is no other better time to launch a startup than in this age. It is much easier to secure loans and get the interest of investors for the young people. There are more spaces rented out and others leased at variable costs, which go a long way reducing the amount of initial capital needed to take off after a startup. The young people have to take into consideration all the factors required to set up businesses. They include the economy, the average age of the population, the availability of broadband and high-speed connectivity, and the potential to connect to a bigger market.

The industry of Howitt Sawyer

Howitt Sawyer majored in Business and Finance. He rose to become the project manager of Meriwether Group in 2017. These projects seek to increase of technological enterprises in the work environment as well as suit the present business to meet future technological changes and demands.

Sawyer is also involved in community mentoring programs, inspiring the youth and championing the rights of women. Howitt leads the international ethnic study group. His work plan is mind-boggling, ranging from business, customer service, and finance. Howitt intends to attend the University of California in the fall of 2017, to pursue Entrepreneurial Finance Degree.

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David McDonald- Meet the Man behind Successful OSI Group

     Born and raised in northeast Iowa, David Mcdonald earned a bachelor degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in the late 80s. He started out his career with OSI Industries as a project manager, and he toiled his way up to being the President and Chief Operating Officer.

David is the Chairman of North American Meat Institute and in 2004 he was honoured during the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, exemplifying his fruitful relationship with the alumni association. He has been a solo Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since December 2008.

David puts in great effort into harnessing resources to influence Iowa State. He became an operative in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship establishment. He organized a visit to China’s OSI facilities for a few apprentices in 2011, an opportunity that led to the hiring of one of the apprentices in the company. Moreover, OSI group has been of great assistance to the student intern, pulling things together to enable future internship opportunities.

David is philanthropic by nature, and his helpful attitude led him to assist Alpha Gamma Rho, through scholarship funding. He also happened to be one of the very first people to fund the Iowa state’s AGR house fundraising campaign. David ‘s passion for supporting his fraternity coupled with his endless commitment to support the university is a clear reference of what makes Iowa state the place it is today and will be helpful to students for years to come.

David has always been interested in broadening OSI’s presence especially in the European region, and he believes that the Baho Food acquisition is a great start. Baho Food is a Dutch producer of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks serving the food service and retail sectors. David is convinced that the company’s holdings and brand complement OSI’s present processing strong points while extending their capabilities to serve the dynamic needs of their customers better.

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Work Can Actually Be Fun With Traveling Vineyard

     When people are asked to describe work with one word, ‘fun’ is the last word that can expect to be heard. However, this is the one word that a lot of people use to describe Traveling Vineyard. A lot of people that have signed up were able to easily learn what they need in order to succeed with this opportunity. They have also gotten to choose their hours so that they can still make room for their regular job. While it is possible to earn enough as a wine guide to resign from another job, many people work regular jobs while hosting a wine event as a part time gig.

One thing with Traveling Vineyard is that a lot of people move slowly and carefully with this company. This is actually a wise way to go with new opportunities. After all, they don’t know whether or not the opportunity is going to work out for them. Therefore, they put one foot in the door in order to see how everything goes. People that move too fast into opportunities tend to find that it does not work for them. Traveling Vineyard itself urges people to look before they leap into any opportunity.

When people work with Traveling Vineyard, they may notice that they are no longer dreading their next workday. Instead, they are looking forward to doing some extra work so that they will be able to support themselves as well as learn more about the wines they are offering for people to taste. They also get to meet with people and enjoy themselves. This is not something that is common with regular jobs. Most regular jobs are rather miserable and filled with people who do everything but work. They cause a lot of strife and stress. Traveling Vineyard makes things a lot simpler for people.

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Paul Mampilly: A Star Player In The Investment World

     Paul started off his career in 1991 on Wall Street where he worked at Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager. He was able to advance quickly in other positions where he managed accounts that was worth over millions. His track record speaks for itself, when Paul was invited to a investment competition he was recognized for his pure raw talent. Paul was able to turn a 50 million dollar investment and make a 88 million dollar return on the investment in one year. Eventually Paul came to a decision that he was no longer interested in Wall Street. He felt that the pace was a little bit tiring and so he decided to retire and spend more time with his friends and family. However, this does not mean that Paul is no longer an investor, but instead now he walks the path of helping everyday people make money with their Investments.

Instead of making money through large investments he is now shifted and is currently writing popular newsletters such as Extreme Fortunes and Unlimited Profits. Paul plans on coming out with a new and innovative research service in the year of 2017 called True Momentum. He knows that research is very important when it comes to investments and now he feels happy that he is able to offer a service that most Americans can afford.

It is obvious that people who are interested in investing should definitely listen to the man. He has shown over and over again how he can help top notch businesses receive return on investments.

He currently has over 60,000 subscribers for his newsletter Unlimited Profits. He is an amazing leader with an in-depth experience and expertise of 20 years that can have the potential to help others reach the same status. To put it simply, he has the bragging rights of making over 70% profit using a investment strategy and now he does the same thing for everyday Americans by offering this newsletter to invite them to learn more. Every week his subscribers learn in-depth information and research regarding stock market options.

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David G. McDonald: The Chicago Food Supply Extraordinaire

     Have you ever heard about the amazing and hard-working David G. McDonald? He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for OSI Group LLC. The company is in charge of providing and distributing delicious food to their customers around the world. The majority of the operation is in processing and delivering meat such as pork, beef, bacon, cheese, fruit, vegetables and other delightful and amazing nourishments.

The 52 year-old McDonald acquired his college degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987. He was always a smart and persistent student which made him standout from all the other hard-working students. McDonald would always ask questions if he did not understand something or was simply confused about a class topic and he always helped others who needed help because he wanted to make sure everyone was passing. His distinguishable features helped him to get a job at OSI Group LLC. He started as a project manager where he would eventually work his way up the corporate ladder and effectively become the Chief Operating Officer for the amazing the company.

McDonald is helping to improve OSI Group’s sustainability by starting a set of straight-forward procedures that will be done throughout the many locations they have around the world. Quality audits will be conducted annually in all production facilities to ensure quality standards are being met to deliver to the customer on time. Animal Welfare audits will be conducted on all suppliers to strict standards as well as certain timer intervals which has to be done to get the best quality.

And finally, McDonald will personally be involved in testing their various traceability systems as an ongoing part of production and quality assurance practices. He just wants to make sure that nothing is wasted when conducting regular work operations throughout the various locations around the world. He is always looking out to make sure the facilities are constantly and continuous clean so that customers obtain the best food ever.

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The Life and Career of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his life to finding the cure for sleep apnea. For this reason, he has established a company called Dental Sleep Masters. Avi Weisfogel has been practicing his career since 1999 when he opened his first practice at Old Bridge Dental Care. During this period, he has managed to achieve a lot. For instance, he has been named as the dentist of the year several times. Despite the achievements, he remains committed to finding the role that dentists can play with sleep physicians to find a permanent cure for the illness. Avi Weisfogel is a scholar himself as he has a degree in BA specializing in biology and psychology. He acquired his undergraduate at Rutgers University before attending the New York University College of Dentistry for his master’s and acquired his DDS.


His love for helping children suffering from sleep apnea comes from his deep connection with his family. He has a wife and six children. He has the idea that no child should be discriminated regardless of their background. According to Avi Weisfogel, children are the leaders of tomorrow, and for this reason, they should be afforded the best medical care in the world. He has been involved with the Operation Smile for a while as he aims to help children suffering from various medical conditions. Operation Smile has its roots in the Philippines and currently has beneficiaries from over 90 countries worldwide. To show his solidarity for this organization, he runs a Go Fund Me campaign of his own. His main aim is to donate $2000 to this charity. Avi Weisfogel is active on several media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. He also has an education program that he delivers through YouTube. He often posts videos about various issues such as sleep apnea on this channel.


Other than the Dental Sleep Master, Avi Weisfogel is known as the founder of an organization called Healthy Heart Sleep. He established this venture six years ago. He is also attributed with the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. These are organizations that are supposed to show the relationship that exists between sleep apnea and other conditions.

Lovaganza: Embracing the World

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Today, more than ever, it is important for us to come together as one and be united on We must stick together, stand by each other, arm-in-arm, and bring out the uniqueness in every single one of us. In fact, that is what makes us beautiful: the fact that we are all different. What a boring world we would live in if we all acted the same, sounded the same, and behaved the same. We would never learn anything and part of the beauty of the world around us is learning about the differences that we share and there is nothing wrong with differences. It should be embraced and explored to the fullest.

For those who are unfamiliar with

Lovaganza, it is time to get on board and learn as much as possible about them. They truly are the wave of the future, without a shadow of a doubt. Lovaganza are an entertainment franchise which displays and showcases the individualism of all nations with music and dance from all over the world. This is a wonderful idea and it really brings out the best in one another. Lovaganza allows us to show off who we really are and what is important to us, each and every day of our lives.

When it comes to music, it represents what we are dealing with, battling, and what is vital in our lives. Music can send out a powerful and important message. It is up to us to listen to it, respond to it, and make change. The music from all nations can sometimes have a central theme. We might think we are different because of our geography, but in reality, we aren’t all that much different. We are very much the same and have the same struggles, battles, and conflicts. By listening to the words, the theme, and the message, we can come together as one.

The same applies to dance. When we dance, we let the stress wash away from our bodies. No matter what type of dance it is or what culture it comes from, dancing makes us feel good and it also gets out a lot of stress. Sometimes we just have to dance the day and the night away to feel good, feel connected, and feel better about ourselves and our situation. That is what Lovaganza hopes to achieve and it is a task that they take incredibly seriously, as they have a high moral fiber.

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