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On The Fast Track With EOS

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra were the two men behind creating the successful brand EOS we have all come to recognize as the colorful orbs lining the lip balm aisles in many drugstores we frequent today. This wasn’t always the case, and their slow infiltration into the lip balm aisles didn’t happen overnight. At first, many drugstores actually turned them away, the male buyers not quite understanding the appeal of the product. They saw some of their first great sales at Walgreens. The first person who bought their products was a female buyer for Walgreens, who understood the product and was able to sell it in the stores. Today the products are being sold by online retailers ULTA and eBay.

Keeping a low profile on sharing information was part of the brand’s success in the long run. Teller and Mehra decided to invest all of their energy and efforts into developing the brand instead of hyping it up before it was something they felt confident about. Today, their marketing abilities on Facebook and other social media platforms are a testament to their creativity with their products being used in trendy and edgy music videos by many celebrities and music stars. The products are also being marketed overseas by celebrities like Taylor Swift.

The brand had great foresight in what would work well for them as they developed their product. Instead of relying on an outside manufacturer to make their products, they invested in their own equipment so products could be made in house. The entrepreneurs attended trade shows where they could network with people who supplied mechanical equipment. Eventually they were able to have the specialized equipment made for them that would be able to make the balms and packaging. Today they are rolling out new products to keep their offering fresh, and consumers are buying them ( up by a million units per week. Bravo!