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Key Reasons for the Achievements of Perry Mandera

We are continually studying successful personalities to understand what they do differently to get where they are today. One excellent study to borrow a few teachings from is Perry Mandera, the CEO, and Founder of a leading international transportation company, The Custom Companies, Inc. His life depicts his great insight of entrepreneurialism and a passion for philanthropy and public service, which begs the question of how Perry Mandera was able to build his achievements both in business and life.

Mandera served in the motor pool as a marine where he learned how to operate commercial vehicles but more so on the value of transport and logistics in any large-scale operation. He then served a four-year term in the 26th Ward, Chicago, as the Republican Ward Committeeman. He was the youngest elected to the office at the time and while there Perry started The Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. He was able to draw from his experience in both the public office and military to sensitize on customer service from the onset of the company’s foundation. The company’s mission statement to date is, “To provide a broad base of Transportation Solutions under one roof to our customers.” From here Mandera has overseen the company grow from a local two-truck operation to an international leading transportation company (Bloomberg).

According to Mandera, it all first stems into doing things right the first time they are done to save on the economical use of time and resources. The concept is that it can be exponentially costlier to fix a mistake at the late stages of a process than it is to eliminate these mistakes from the beginning. Perry Mandera goes on to note that this is not achievable without prior understanding of the purpose of each task and the resulting ramifications. Therefore, we cannot separate the policy outlined above from the aspect of proper planning.

Another critical aspect Mandera points out is the maximizing on your ability to do the most with the resources you can afford or are available. The underlying idea being that the definition of your success is not in your circumstances but in how you react to them.

Mandera is also big on philanthropy and emphasizes that it is essential to prioritize our various aspects of life, outside work and instill efforts of giving back to the community.