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How ViSalus is Working for Clients


ViSalus is a health and wellness company that has been around for many years. They are based out of Los Angeles, CA as well as Italy. Because they are based on an international basis, you can feel confident in choosing them to reach your goals.

ViSalus was the first of its kind to offer incentives and money to those who reach their weight loss goals. All you have to do is make an account through the ViSalus site, buy one of their product kits and set a goal for yourself. After 90 days, you can get rewarded if you are able to reach the goal you had set.

There are so many benefits to choosing ViSalus when compared to other companies. They offer Vi Prime, which is an incentive and rewards program for individuals who want to be able to get into the best shape of their life.

You can effortlessly make use of the program if you continually buy the products that are needed. You will love the fact that you can get to know this as a viable option and to see just how different it can be for you and for anyone else who is using the program in question. View More Information Here.

There are so many benefits and reasons for you to give ViSalus a try for yourself. This is a wonderful choice for individuals who want to be able to get to know the different options that they have. You can lose the weight that you’ve always wanted to lose while ensuring that you are getting rewarded in the process.

This amazing option is why so many people have already chosen to make use of Vi and why they can reach the goals that they’ve set and have been trying to reach for many years without any success. Go To This Page for related information.


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About Lifestyle Company ViSalus And Their Charitable Work


ViSalus is a company all about being healthy and helping others reach their fitness goals. The company was formed in 2005 and are best known for their marketing challenge named Body by Vi challenge. ViSalus is based out of Italy, and Los Angeles, California.

Some charitable work that they have done is donating food to families and children in need. They have their own philanthropy as the page from Vi Cares shares that they have donated over 5 million meals to date, with hundreds of completed partnerships with other charities, supported disaster relief efforts, and awarded from Guinness World Records for a baked goods donation. Refer to This Article for related information.

Something that they like to do is give away 90 days of meals, snacks, and drinks to families for each person that completes their 90-day body challenge. Their challenge is known as the first-ever challenge marketing platform to date.

ViSalus has also worked with charities, food banks, and youth programs. They have also helped individuals and families who have lost a lot due to natural disaster situations. They state that they have donated over 5 million shakes throughout North America.

Through their philanthropy Vi Cares, they have built schools, worked at food drives, and helped individuals who have suffered from natural disasters. They have assisted at shelters and helped clean up the environment. ViSalus has also partnered with churches, non-profits, and volunteer organizations to make an impact in the community. According to a page from their website, they have collected over $2 billion in profits, given out over $100 million in products and cash prizes. Get Additional Information Here.

Three of their listed fundamentals are life, health, and prosperity. ViSalus wants to help people live longer, healthier, and form bonds with others. Anyone can take on their challenge right from their website to see what they would have to do for 90 days. People can also contact them from the page, send messages, and look at their blog posts.


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Global Healthier Lifestyle Promoting Company ViSalus

Founded in March of 2005 by entrepreneurs Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola, ViSalus is a global health and weight management company that is based out of Los Angeles, California in the U.S., and the European countries of Italy and the UK. Go To This Page for related information.


ViSalus’ aim is to promote good health through better nutrition and exercise. Its Body by Vi marketing challenge, which helps people transform their bodies in as little as 90 days, was the first of its kind in the world.


Through their Vi Cares program, ViSalus teaches communities that are in need how to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and the company has donated over 5 million nutritious meals to children and families in these areas. Their other philanthropic endeavors include helping to rebuild in places that were damaged in natural disasters like hurricanes, and hosting the annual World’s Largest Giving Day event. Go To This Page to learn more.


ViSalus sells a number of health products that help customers with weight management and energy, such as the Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, and both the Vi-Go Instant Energy and Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mixes, as well as the Vi-Pak energy supplement and Neuro energy drink, which were developed by an ear nose throat(ENT)doctor named Michael Siedman. Since it began its operation, ViSalus has served half a billion of its meal replacement shakes, and has generated almost $2 billion in sales.


There are 6 core values that ViSalus advises its associates and distributors to adhere to in order to achieve success: 1. Be inspired. Be inspiring. 2. Build trust through collaboration. 3. Be a good teacher and a better student. 4. Think like an entrepreneur. Be resourceful. 5. Seek simplicity. 6. Challenge yourself. Challenge others.


Due to their charitable efforts, they ended up breaking a Guinness World Record for donating the most baked goods to needy families. ViSalus serves customers in more than 15 countries, including Canada, the UK, the U.S. and Italy, and it expanded in 2014 to be able to offer its health and fitness products to two more countries, Germany and Austria. The brand also has an office in Detroit, Michigan.