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Rona Borre and Her Phenomenal Rise to Success

Phenomenal is a much used superlative, but it is very appropriate when describing the accomplishments of Rona Borre. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Borre went to work for a large staffing firm where she proceeded to lead the company in sales, setting every sales record the company ever had.

Borre decided that she had achieved all that could be done with that company, so she decided to form her company, which she did in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo. At first, it was only Rona and her pet bulldog, Henry, but as things got going, Instant Alliance, her new company, became instant news in the windy city of Chicago.

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That was fifteen years ago, and today Instant Alliance is one of the fastest growing staffing firms in the nation. Borre has a system that most staffing companies fail to use. She knows that the key employees for growing companies are technological and finance professionals because these are the individuals who can get a growing company to the next level.  Have an insight of Borre’s mind, check on\

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So Borre and her account executives spend an extraordinary amount of time doing their research by asking key people in the hiring company all about what and who the need to fill the position. They also get to know the leaders of the company very well. When the compile their needed information, they go out and find the one individual who fits the description. The amazing statistic is that over the past 15 years, there has only been a 1% dropoff rate of people hired in this manner.

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