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Kim Dao Is Headed To Her Next Destination!

Kim Dao is a lifestyle vlogger on Youtube. She also does beauty videos. She is currently traveling to different countries.


Kim Dao starts her video in the airport. While she is waiting for her flight, she is editing a video. She plans on reading the comments from the video. She only got 2 hours of sleep last night. Currently, she is in Hong Kong. She wanted to read the comments but didn’t feel good in her stomach. She is now on her flight to Seoul. Kim Dao thinks that she had food poisoning but her boyfriend didn’t get sick. While she is on the flight she takes the time to respond to some comments. She talks about being away from family. Learn more:

She answered a question concerning her personal relationship with her boyfriend. She mentioned that she and her boyfriend trust each other and never fight. Kim Dao also talked about how she made friends when she moved to a new place. Kim Dao discussed how much she worked before setting a schedule. By doing that, she was able to balance her career and taking time for herself. She stops the comments so she can edit a video before arriving to Sunny’s house. Learn more:


Kim Dao is now at Sunny’s house. She records the dog doing tricks. They do not have much planned for the next day. They plan on having a chill day. Learn more:


Check out her vlog here.