How Riot Games Wants To Lead Their Industry When It Comes To Diversity And Inclusion

Riot Games, Inc. has spent the past six months working toward a culture that highly values collaboration, inclusion, and diversity. This included hiring a chief diversity officer who is leading the charge of creating a positive culture that doesn’t any space for things like misogyny or racism. The leaders of this video game company stated that diversity, respect, equality, and inclusion are a requirement of everybody that works there.

They launched a culture, diversity, and inclusion initiative at Riot Games. This initiative is being led by a new team that will have an impact on every area of the company. They want to keep the best parts of the company which includes having empathy for the players of their video games. This team is directly reporting to Chief Executive Officer Nicolo Laurent. They have also brought in third-parties to evaluate the current culture at Riot Games and where to make improvements.

They brought in two independent leading consultants who are experts on culture change. The goal is for this company to become an industry leader when it comes to culture, inclusion, and diversity. Everybody at Riot Games is receiving the training that before only management went through. This includes anti-bias and anti-harassment training. They want to have a fair and inclusive work environment that everyone feels comfortable in. Some of this training will be used in their onboarding program. Managers are also getting new training so that they understand how to create and support better teams.