Nina Vaca and the Value of Working Hard

For many people, the American Dream is being able to start their own business. Nina Vaca and her family realized the importance of achieving this dream. By the age of 17, Vaca was helping lead her family’s business.

Flash forward and Vaca has realized this dream once again. Following college, and a two-year stint in New York, she moved back to Texas where she came up with the inspiration for Pinnacle Group, an IT workforce solutions firm.  Pinnacle Group was a thriving company, until an unexpected tragedy on September 11, 2001, sent shock waves throughout the global economy.

Down, but not out, Vaca began working long hours, many of which were unpaid, to see her business through the challenging times. Fortunately, this determination paid off in a major way. Vaca started receiving much-deserved recognition from the business community.

When’s she’s not running Pinnacle, Vaca spends her time helping others. She is a vocal supporter of efforts to involve more women and minorities in business. In addition, Vaca founded At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership. The goal of this organization is to help more women succeed in obtaining board positions.


The Two Worlds of Clément Perrette

A noted figure in the finance sector, Clément Perrette has led skilled teams and developed successful programs. With his financial expertise, Perrette has been successful in assisting his employers in acquiring reputations as leaders in the international field of finance. Perrette has also been successful in garnering funds for a variety of philanthropic causes and ocean conservation, which is his cause célèbre.

In 1983, after earning a Bachelor’s degree from Académie Versailles, Perrette went on to attain a degree in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science and applied Mathematics.

In 1990, he furthered his education by earning a Master of Finance from HEC Paris, a prestigious international business school. After working at New York’s Worms & Cie, Perrette returned to Paris, where he was employed at Deutsche Bank in Paris and Barclays Capital. At these financial institutions, Perrette was in charge of developing and maintaining the integrity of a successful STRIPS (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities) program.

At Barclays, Monsieur Perrette assisted the company greatly by raising its profile as a worldwide leader in EUR Long-End Government Bonds, STRIPS and EUR Swaps. The current day host of Perrette’s is RAM Active Investment, where he acts as the senior portfolio manager.

While Clément Perrette has helped many in the financial sector, he also is passionately involved with ocean conservation. His interest and concerns have led him to publish Call of the Blue. Replete with fascinating photos of the sea and its inhabitants, Perrette’s book describes the ecological issues of the ocean and the protection requirements for its preservation.

This work is well-researched and documented as Perrette presents the research and practice of 52 scientists and biologists. He has also produced a film, Ocean Souls, that urges the protection of dolphins and whales that are still being hunted in the oceans. Just as he did in the financial realm, so, too, does Clement Perrette bring vigorous efforts to his beloved cause for the preservation of the wonders of the ocean.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America is growing and part of that growth is online as they are helping people all around the world to understand their mission, what they do, why they do it, and the type of treatments for cancer that are actually out there. Watch this video about CTCA on Youtube.

By doing these things they have gotten a huge response and there have been millions of dollars in private donations that have been rolling into the center since they started on social media.


Those that follow them on social media do get to see what is happening with the money that is being given from aid to those that can’t afford the care to expanding the CTCA so that more people even have the choice to come to the center at all. Overall the company is doing their very best to make sure that they are available to everyone as that has always been important because great cancer care belongs to everyone that has cancer not just those that have great insurance or a lot of money that they can spend. View CTCA’s profile on Yelp. and Philips Aim at Making Marketing more Personal with AI

Things are about to get personal for and Philips. The two companies have partnered up and are working together to create precision marketing for retail. The initiative will utilize’s AI-led marketing solutions to develop smart marketing strategies. The solutions will focus on product development, analysis, and management. It will also seek to decode both structured and unstructured consumer data using motivational analysis, behavioral analysis, portrait analysis, as well as natural language tech and computer vision.

The partnership was announced in last August’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference. Philips is the most recent partner to launch a virtual store on Jingdong’s site. The company has a long-standing philosophy of personalizing their service, and JD itself is dedicated to providing the best marketing options for its partners. Should the initiative be successful it will provide Jingdong with new strategies to integrate with all its products.

The collaboration will see creating the solutions and Philip’s applying them into their virtual flagship store. has been using AI for some time now. It has also instigated many innovations into online marketing. One of its latest forays being augmented reality. The end goal of precision marketing is to uncover nuanced consumer behavior, ergo making the marketing process much more personal.

Most marketing is aimed at groups. Even if the groups are getting smaller the overall strategy still deals with some form of generalization. Precision marketing attempts to focus on the person. In its long history of innovation has utilized many advanced concepts and tech to increase its marketing focus. This time it plans to use unstructured data to sift through minute details of consumer behavior.

Unstructured data is the more personal of the two data types and is harder to follow. It is the data that is taken from reviews, ratings, feedback, as well as consumer response to advertising and product pages. A consumer’s response to a web page with a brightly colored backdrop is one example. Their feedback to a page hosting large images as opposed to one with smaller images is another. Such nuanced details can help a company like Philips advertise on almost a person-to-person scale and this is the ultimate goal. Go To This Page for related information.


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Sharon Prince Aims to Bring the Community Together

Sharon Prince has been one of the leaders of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she was one of the leasers when it came to creating the Grace Farms community center. The community center cost $120 million, and Prince says that she and roughly 100 other people combined to fund it. However, she did not say who helped contribute financially to the project.

What Is the Grace Farms Community Center?

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms community center is designed to help people feel hopeful about their lives. Individuals are free to roam roughly 80 acres of open spaces where they can interact with others in their community. They are also invited to the “River Building” where they can spend time exercising, watching a show or attending a church service.

People Of All Faiths Welcome

There was a belief that those who visited Grace Farms would be subject to a hardcore Christian message while there. However, Sharon Prince says that people of all faiths are welcome and that no one will be discriminated against. Furthermore, those who don’t believe in any type of supernatural being are also encouraged to visit the premises to learn more the Sharon Prince Grace Farms’ mission.

Some Say Just Being There Is a Religious Experience

For some people, simply coming to Grace Farms is akin to a religious experience. This is because the River building itself is considered to be an architectural marvel, and the shows that Grace Farms put on are designed to maximize audience involvement. Therefore, it could be argued that the people who visit Grace Farms are just as important as Sharon Prince Grace Farms itself.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with her husband, and it also where the Grace Farms Foundation is headquartered. Prior to living in Connecticut, she got her degree from the University of Tulsa.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Expands Fight Against Slavery”, Grace Farms Foundation expands the effort to disrupt modern-day slavery by focusing on the supply chain for building materials worldwide.


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Oren Frank Started A Therapy Mobile App For Counseling

Oren Frank is the CEO of Talkspace and has a number of colleagues helping with the mobile app. Frank wanted to reach communities that need counseling after certain situations. Some communities needed help, but they didn’t know how to find it. Talkspace is a therapy mobile app that allows counselors to give exercises. The exercises help clients with decisions about life and business. There has been support groups that he benefited from using the therapy mobile app.

Some individuals have finally gotten a chance to counsel to improve their environment. Some have seen the difference in their anxiety and stress levels. Talkspace mobile app can be downloaded anywhere counseling is needed. Most clients can afford the mobile app, because Oren Frank knew that counseling shouldn’t cost a lot of money.

Some businesses use the counseling app to help employees that have experienced mental breakdowns. The counselors remind them to stay focused and reach out for help. There are plenty of people that need the mobile app.

Oren Frank is planning to reach people through health centers and blogs. Oren and Roni Frank wanted to start the mobile app after attending counseling. They both saw a difference in their lives. Talkspace gibes clients a chance to speak about different changes that they want to take place. The company set a part counseling for interventions. Oren Frank wanted therapy for those that needed it but couldn’t reach counselors. He learned about technology and how the app could make a client’s life much better.

Some clients have learned to improve their social activities because of counseling. Their work has began to be easier for them because of becoming stress free in their lives. There are blogs that explain how counseling can help someone feel better about themselves. Talkspace is a therapy app that promotes private sessions for clients and groups.


Jingdong And Agility Join to Boost the Supply of JD’s Products Across the Borders’s JD Logistics struck a deal with the Agility to collaboratively operate in an effort that will ease the access of’s products in the fastest-growing markets. Both JD Logistics and Agility are Logistics Companies, whereby Agility is the leading Logistics Company in the world while JD Logistics majorly operates in China. After signing the Memorandum of Understanding, the two Logistics Companies will have a focus on the procurement, logistics, and retail of Jingdong’s products across the borders of the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Africa.

Agility will use its strong air freight capacity in Southeast Asia to provide the services of cross-border business-to-Customer (B2C) of the products. They will also offer the Business-to-Business (B2B) warehouse in the area. Agility will also provide two primary services in the Middle East and Africa on behalf of Firstly, it will be the first logistics company for Jingdong. Secondly, Agility will help in clearing customs at terminals and deliver products for B2C: this will significantly bring an improvement in the JD Logistics’ Local Logistics System and lead in the completion of its transport service network.

The union of Agility and will, on the other hand, give rise to cross-border stump excursion and local Business-to-Customer services. It will promote the products with high quality that are either manufactured or assembled in Africa and the Middle East to Chinese merchants. Procuring and Retailing these products: will, in return, lead to a robust international supply chain for Jingdong. As extends its expertise in the industry and extends its logistics network, Agility will also grow its prominence to the Chinese, which will increase its overall operations efficiently.

While signing the MOU in Beijing during the 4th Global Supply Chain Summit of Jingdong, the Agility’s Chairperson, Henadi Al-Saleh said that this union would provide an opportunity for them to strengthen their efforts of exploring the emerging markets to deliver specialized services. They anticipate meeting the demand in these markets that are growing so fast by connecting businesses.

JD Logistics’ CEO, Zhenhui Wang, was confident that together with Agility, they would reach their customers through all the possible means of transport that will lead to a reduction of the costs amid increasing efficiency.

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Grupo RBS Takes On A New Way Of Delivering Content Online

The online entertainment sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world with many different outlets looking to gain traction in the digital area through a growing internet presence. For many media groups, the chance to develop their content online has been built on the creation of different websites and the investment in in-house content creators. One of the media outlets in South America to identify their entry point into the online content sector was Grupo RBS.

The first steps taken by Grupo RBS into the online world were small and involved the purchase of existing content creators who were already working towards developing a powerful viewing base. To create their first content, Grupo RBS invested in a series of content producers from the year 2008 onwards. The first of these was the digital entertainment creator Guila da Semana and ObaOba. These online content creators have been at the heart of the work of Grupo RBS since they were merged into the larger brand and became a key part of its future. The development of the internet has been of great importance to the leadership of Grupo RBS with the brand growing its work for a number of years but it has also created new ways of working that have become industry standards. One of the most impressive aspects of the online movement of the Brazilian brand has been its desire to move to mobile content that is scalable over that designed specifically for laptops and larger screens, reports by

RBS has become one of the leading companies in the online sector with a large number of specialist websites added to the brand in the last few years. Under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer as the Chairman of the board, the desire to become one of the leading content creators in Brazil in sectors including wine and a huge number of other websites offering educational and entertainment opportunities.


Mark Okada Begins The Transition To Retirement


The path to retirement for Highland Capital Management co-founder Mark Okada began a few months ago when the plans regarding his departure from the daily running of the financial services brand began. The financial sector specialist is looking for a smooth transition to take place that will make it easier for him to complete the path to a form of retirement by the end of 2019. The clients of Highland Capital management need not be concerned about the future of the brand as co-founder James Dondero is remaining in place for the foreseeable future.

Mark Okada has been a key member of the Highland Capital Management team since he and James Dondero decided to create the brand in 1993. The brand was developed as part of the drive to make a mark on the credit market, a goal the company has undoubtedly achieved throughout its history. See This Article for more information.

They also conduct business out of the firm’s satellite offices in Singapore, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Highland Capital Management’s emergence into Europe came in part with the acquisitions of other financial institutions. They also acquired NexBank and ING Capital Management in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Okada has been integral in the development of the alternative credit sector for Highland Capital Management and has assisted in the development of the company as a global brand. Achieving much over the course of his career, Mark Okada has helped the Highland Capital Management take on new areas of the changing credit market and survive the 2008 credit crash that saw the extinction of many of their competitors.

James Dondero discussed the ability of Mark Okada to work with him to navigate the changing credit markets over the course of 30 years working together. Dondero was keen to thank his business partner for the service he has provided as a business leader, philanthropist, and friend during their time working together in Houston, Texas.

At the time of the announcement of his retirement from Highland Capital Management, Mark Okada and James Dondero presided over a business empire estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Get More Information Here.


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