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A Brief Look at Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal came about through the merging of two companies, one based in Japan and the other in Brazil, now with many accomplishments to be proud of. Each brought unique and qualified abilities to the table, forming one very able and strong company between the two. The birth of a new company took place as Japan’s Toyo and Brazil’s Setal Oil and Gas (SOG) announced their merger since Toyo bought fifty percent of SOG. SOG began looking for a partner to grow their business and found Toyo. Now the two companies have a joint management structure sharing power.

Toyo and SOG have had a previous relationship working in Brazil as trading partners in which made the merger smooth. They formed this merger to strengthen and unite the many operations in Brazil. Toyo and SOG plan to help grow the Brazilian economy by increasing business opportunities in the country and developing in other Latin American countries. Toyo Setal took part in the “AVEVA World Summit 2014” event, winning several awards. During this annual event in Berlin between October 14th and 16th, they recognized the merged company for receiving the “Innovations in Engineering Project Integration” award. Several companies that were using AVEVA systems competed by having their presentations judged.

The topic was “Challenges and Advances in integration technology” in which Toyo Setal took the lead in the two-phase challenge having the best solution. Sustainable development is mandatory for an engineering and construction company such as Toyo Setal. In the global scheme, the company conceives, designs, creates and innovates to implement sustainability. This ensures the preservation of natural resources for future generations by reducing waste generated from architectural projects and being water and energy conscious. The company uses experts to take on the burden of concern for social responsibility, preservation, and respect for the environment by close observation and practices for continuous improvement of environmental quality.

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The details of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is described to be a well known alternative loaning website that has managed to assist thousands across the globe and continues on to attack more clients its way with the type of services it offers. This company has been around for nearly two decades and has managed to slowly grow to a global level, being found in many regions of the world as well as providing great services to the clients. This company does so well with providing loans for clients that it manages to rival banks. This company does not heavily focus on the credit score of their clients whether good or bad, which can make banks deter them away. This company manages to provide clients with as much needed help as possible along with giving out a flexible payment plan, in case the client has any issues paying off.

A view of Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Going over Equities First Holdings

One of the hardest parts about running a business is being able to find a proper loan to get it started and distributing it wisely within the company. Banks are usually an ideal option for many but can come to be fairly complicated for some if their credit score is poor. There are several loaning companies currently within market that can contend with banks when it comes to loaning. One company that manages to rival banks would be Equities First Holdings. This company has been within business for 17 years and has made a great impact on several business owners across the world, providing with fair alternative loans. This company has received a good number of reviews for its services and is ideal for those who are planning on starting a business or already within one as well as those that are in high networks.

Eric Lefkofsky Mission in Reshaping Health Care Model during the Milken Global Conference

Eric Lefkofsky was recently hosted as a guest speaker during the Milken Global Conference to discuss the health care industry. The main agenda for the conference was reshaping the current health care model. During the interview, Eric revealed that he planned to impact the lives of Americans diagnosed with cancer through the application of the disruptive-technology expertise in creating an operating system to battle cancer. In addition, Eric Lefkofsky hails as the founder and acting CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a technological firm which hosts the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data and an operating system which makes information more accessible and useful for physicians, patients, and researchers.

Through Tempus, Lefkofsky has been enabled to provide precise medical solutions. Before founding the firm, Eric was a founding partner at Lightbank, a venture fund which invested in disruptive technology enterprises. He is also the co-founding member and current chairman of Groupon which is listed under NASDAQ. He also hails as a co-founder of Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and Innerworkings. This is in addition to founding investor of the Uptake Technologies. In partnership with this wife, Eric co-chairs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which focuses on advancing high-impact initiatives to enhance lives in the community it serves.

The foundation has helped over 50 organizations across the country. He is also a Trustee at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. In 2013, both Eric and his wife joined the Giving Pledge as part of their philanthropic efforts. Furthermore, Erick is the acting chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre firm. Relating to his educational background, Eric is a professor at the University of Chicago. He authored the book Accelerated Disruption relating to understanding the true speed of innovation. He is a graduate from the University of Michigan after receiving his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

OSI Food Solutions Growing Larger Every Day

Over the last 100 years, OSI Food Solutions has grown into one of the largest privately-held value-added food suppliers in the world. The now multibillion-dollar food conglomerate operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries and employs over 20,000 employees. Thanks to its expansive reach, unparalleled strength and responsiveness, and global reputation, OSI Food Solutions is considered one of the best business partners for any food-related organization. Though OSI Food Solutions is a worldwide conglomerate today, it began as a tiny butchery and meat market in Illinois in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, opened his meat market shortly after arriving in the U.S. It wasn’t until nearly 20 years later that Otto’s business earned an outstanding reputation and a new name.

The newly named Otto & Sons expanded across the Midwest over the next few decades. Eventually, the business passed down to his sons. In 1955, the brothers formed OSI’s first and most important major partnership. After meeting with a man named Ray Kroc, Otto’s sons became the primary supplier of the restaurant chain McDonald’s. The first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. McDonald’s proved to be more successful than anyone predicted, so at first, the restaurant chain used many suppliers of high-quality ground beef patties. As the technology evolved, the Kolschowsky brothers invested in cryogenic technology, allowing them to freeze their patties fresh and ship them farther.

With this new technology, Otto & Sons became the official supplier of McDonald’s. Due to their owners’ close relationship, Otto & Sons and McDonald’s continued their partnership for decades. Today, the companies are still intertwined, though Otto & Sons has a new name. This name changed in 1975 when the brothers handed control over to a new CEO. Since Sheldon Lavin took over the company, he’s expanded upon OSI’s partnerships and global impact. In the early years of OSI’s expansion, the company followed McDonald’s, using its reputation to boost their own. Today, OSI stands alone and maintains international and domestic partnerships.

Peter Briger’s Journey To Become An Investment Leader

Peter Briger currently serves as a Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board with Fortress Investment Group. Having been with the private equity firm for close to two decades, Briger has a considerable impact on its growth over that time. However, it took the investment expert a considerable amount of time to get to where he is. This began when he first attended Princeton University and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating from both with a B.A and M.B.A respectively. Armed with these credentials, Briger had planted the seeds from which he would grow his success. These degrees led Peter Briger to what, at the time, was a low-level position with Goldman, Sachs & Co. Everybody has to start somewhere, and soon Briger had begun making his way up in the company.

With this rise came an increased amount of responsibility, which he gladly accepted. As time went on, he soon began gaining quite a reputation within the investment bank as someone with a proven track record of success. As such, he began being promoted on an almost consistent basis, eventually leading to him becoming a Partner at the firm in 1996, nine years after initially joining the company. Not long after becoming Partner, Peter Briger soon became interested in a newcomer to the private equity business. Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group was quickly making a considerable name for itself as an innovative company in the investment world.

The more attention that Briger paid to the company, the more interested he became in joining it.Because of this, he joined the company in 2002 as a member of its Management Committee. Soon, Peter Briger began climbing within the company, similar to how he had done with Goldman, Sach & Co. This then led to an increased amount of responsibility, with Briger soon being in charge of the firm’s Credit and Real Estate division. Since joining the company, Peter Briger has had a consistently successful track record with helping the company expand. This has led to several promotions within Fortress, with the investment expert eventually becoming Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Edwin Miranda : CEO of a Huge Marketing Firm

Edwin Miranda has worked in many different fields in his long career and has over thirty three years experience under his belt. Most of his career has been in higher up positions where he has had a huge play and influence in a company. Edwin actually went to MIT where he studied biologics which is the field he worked in for a long time. But he never wanted to develop these medications and products instead he found that he had a joy for making sure the product was of quality and marketing that.

Because he has a good background and truly understands how these medications work he has always been able to market them well and even get them passed through the FDA with a smooth process. All of the drugs that he worked with passed and went on to be marketed for use. The products were safe and even safer than previous options that patients had before these medications came onto the market. But now that chapter in his career has closed as he has become the CEO of a huge marketing firm. The marketing firm in Florida that he runs is leading the race in finding new ways to market as technology is always evolving.

All of the marketing that his firm does involves using the technology around that we have and is new to the market because he understands that is what is currently working. A lot of marketing firms have a hard time because those that run it are still stuck in the past trying to do things the way they have always worked but that just does not apply to today and what consumers will pay attention. The company offers pitches to any other company that is looking for a marketing firm to help them manage their services as they have an open door policy.

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David McDonald, The Outstanding President of OSI Group

David McDonald is the president of the drastically growing food processing company, OSI Group. His leadership combined with the highly skilled CEO Sheldon Lavin make the company advance its boundaries up to the international market.

Who is David McDonald?

He is the chairman and president of OSI Group LLC. He derived his animal skills from his village in Iowa and the Iowa University where he graduated with a degree in animal science. He is also an active member of the Iowa community and actively plays a role in the Iowa alumni association. He is married and his elder and second children study at the prestigious Iowa University. He strives to be the best husband to Malinda, his wife.

Career history

Upon his graduation from the university, he was employed at OSI Group as the project manager. He worked there for over 30 years and was promoted to the position of the chief operating officer before becoming their president. As the president of the company, he has led it to open more than 40 branches in more than 17 countries. The number of employees has risen to 20,000. The happily work with cooperation owing to the professionalism of the company’s leadership. David McDonald adopted the culture of collaboration that has seen all these advancements like the purchase of the famous Bahoo and Tyson food companies.

David McDonald’s awards

He was given the Wallace E. The Barron distinguished senior award given to the outstanding seniors with prominent character and high academic attainments and taking part in both community and university activities and continues to do so as alumni. He is an active contributor to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship. He actively participated in the establishment of internship opportunities at the OSI Group for the ISI. He supports other charity organizations for the welfare of Iowa community.


David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa community. He went to the University of Iowa and graduated with a degree in animal science. He was later employed as the project manager and then chief operating officer. He now serves as the president of this prestigious company. He is also active in the matters of the Iowa community. He has been awarded as the outstanding student and alumni of this university where two of his six children learn.

Eric Lefkofsky One of the Prominent Philanthropists in the US

Eric Lefkofsky is known across the globe for being the co-founder of one of the most popular online platforms named Groupon Inc, which connects the consumers with the relevant merchants providing discounts. It is a company that went on to become a billion-dollar enterprise and is a leader in its niche. Eric Lefkofsky is among the top successful serial entrepreneurs in the US, and he is one of the co-founders of a number of companies including Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, and more. He is also known across the globe for the many charitable initiatives that he supports through his charity organization named Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been working relentlessly in the field of education and medical discoveries. Many of the research and development initiatives in the area of medical inventions and research are funded by the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation is also active in the field of human rights and civic causes. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is known to engage in many different high-impact initiatives to be able to make a positive impact in the community. Tempus is also one of the technology start-ups by Eric Lefkofsky aims to help the cancer patients get better treatment.

So far, the cancer treatment provided across the globe follows the same pattern, but Eric believes that it should not be one size fits all approach with cancer treatment as many different factors influence the outcome of such an extensive and sensitive treatment. Tempus aims at building a centralized system of cancer treatment-related data that would be available to the physicians. It would help the doctors to find the treatment that would be more effective in some instances, and which treatment procedure to avoid as it has been known to fail in the past. Such data can help the patients fight through cancer more confidently and give physicians an upper-hand as well.