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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food solutions decided to increase its chicken production in a Toledo plant in Spain at the cost of 17 million Euros because of the fast-rising demand of the poultry products in Portugal and Spain. The idea was to double the production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. After the process, the output of the whole plant consisting of chicken, pork and quality beef products rose to 45,000 tons annually and created jobs for 20 more people raising the number of all workers to 160. Jose Maria del Rio, noted that the demand for the products rose by 8% in the last three years .He added that there was an urgent need to boost the supply to counter the rising demand.

The process of improving the production of the plant involved the addition of a new line that came with a 22,600 –square-foot new building large parking hall, facility supplies storage, shipping, and dispatch area. Other additions that OSI Food Solutions included in the new line included refrigerated waste container storage, oil service area, and social area for the employees and nitrogen and water tanks. In all its operations, OSI Food Solutions prioritizes on quality, the reason the new line had a quality control kitchen. OSI employed a quality development manager to work in the new kitchen. The new production line had advanced energy cutting measures because the heat emitted by the refrigerators and the production machinery would boil the water instead of using electricity. The process also involved the installation of advanced security and firefighting systems.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions collaborated with the Dutch-based Baho Foods and Flagship Europe to boost the leading food suppliers of the European market. The collaboration saw the addition of deli meat, condiments, pies, frozen poultry, dips, sauces, and mayonnaise, among other food products to the company’s portfolio. Baho Foods alone catered for 18 countries in Europe through its subsidiaries located in Germany and the Netherlands. The combination of these new products and companies guaranteed OSI Food Solutions an improvement in its unique marketing strategies because it would use these companies in the distribution of its products.

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