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Paul Mampilly warns investors about Apple

The ability to maintain good sales define the success of any business. This is the only way a business can remain relevant in the market. A company that is not introducing new innovative products will most likely perform poorly. The number of sales a business makes will reflect in good profits and also better share value. In the field of technology, there is high competition that is taking place at the moment. Companies are taking any measure possible to come up with the most innovative products in the market. Any company that does not invest in innovations may be kicked out of the industry.

The fate of competition in the business sector can well be explained to what is happening to Apple. Apple is among the top phone manufacturers in the world. The company have been performing very well for almost two decades now. It has been accepted in the market as a company that makes unique products which resonate with the customers. Apple is the manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod. The three products came as the first products in the industry. They were innovations which came to replace the traditional products in the market. The person behind the three product was the then CEO of the company Steve Jobs.

Since the death of Steve Jobs Apple has not performed well. It is facing a challenging time trying to bring unique products. There has not been any significant improvement from the company except that it has been taking the product which were introduced by Steve Jobs and making them look more impressive. Although the company may seem to be still doing well as far as the stock market is concerned, there is risk that the stock prices will fall very soon.

According to Paul Mampilly who is a prominent investor, Apple is not a good stock to invest in right now. If the company does not do something about innovations right now, it will lose touch with the customers. It will not be possible for the company to continue attracting new customers. With the efforts being applied by other companies regarding technological innovations, it is going to be hard for this company to make any gains in the way it is right now. Interviews with Paul Mampilly

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investment adviser on matter of stock investment. He has been a stock trader since 1991. He is the owner of the “Profits Unlimited.” Paul Mampilly won the 2009 Templeton Foundation Award by emerging the best trader in the completion. Paul has a unique method through which he determines which stocks will e the higher gainers in a calendar year. His system is known as GoingUpnes and it is one of the most successful methods ever. Paul’s Youtube Channel.