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Fortress Invesement Group: Ahead of the Curve

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and was originally founded as a private equity firm. In 2007 the company went public and was the very first equity firm of its size to enter the sock exchange as a public entity. They manage a diversity of assets and has investing control of over $43 billion from its clients. The company is based in New York City and has over 900 people working for them. This company thinks long-term when it comes to investing for its clients, with a long-term strategy, Fortress Investment Group takes measured risks in order to get the most reward. One of the things this company specializes in is investments that are asset based investment.

These would include things like capital or real estate. This lends well with the unique investment strategy of this company because these asset-based investments do really well over a long period of time, allowing for money to come in for years to come. When it comes to managing operations, this firm excels at considering facts and strategy before making any investments. They are particularly experienced when it comes to capital markets and are well-versed in a lot of different fields. This can be seen in the diversity of its employees, all of whom hold different expertise in their specific field. This gives Fortress Investment Group an edge over its competitors, with an ability to read the marketplace and a vast array of knowledge on investing and capital. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman founded Fortress Investment Group and decided they wanted to create a private equity firm that would function differently from its competitors.

Early on, the company chose real estate sector to invest in and from there the company diversified its investment strategy. Since its origins, Fortress Investment Group have been ahead of the curve in terms of anticipating the marketplace and the surrounding trends that would affect investing. Since they were the first company of this type to become a public company on the stock exchange, they have led the way in other similar companies doing the same. Recently the company began focusing more adding international opportunities for investing in its funds. They have also acquired other large companies to add to its pool of investing. This global growth has propelled the company to be a world player when it comes to private equity investments. Ten years after first becoming a public company, they were purchased by a Tokyo-based investment group.

Learn more: Becomes A Trendsetter in New Zealand’s Agribusiness Sector

When it comes to diversification, is perhaps the perfect example of this trend. Although the company never sold agricultural products on JD official website before, they have currently tapped onto the market. Their zeal to succeed in the agricultural sector was driven by the unmet needs that they saw in the Chinese market. Eventually, their efforts have culminated in them delivering apple and kiwifruit harvest to China from New Zealand.

Sales Driven by Dynamic Consumer Preference’s market entrance has strengthened their ties with other critical players such as Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. One of the main factors that has contributed to the success of’s retail in fruits is the change in consumer tastes. Over the years, the majority of’s customers have preferred to consume imported high quality products as opposed to locally available produce. Data available form their database proves that a large portion of’s sales emanated from fruits imported from overseas. The 20% increase in imports was due to the need by their middle class and younger customers’ inclination to keenly watch on their nutrition and health. Available data reveals that exports from New Zealand to China have increased exponentially by over 80%. The sales currently stand at NZ$ 606 million.

Market Growth Spurred by Fruit Exports

New Zealand’s most famous export to China is Kiwifruit. Such positive indications point out that horticulture is a vital part of New Zealand. For instance, the industry currently employs more than 18,000 people in New Zealand alone, with over 2,600 growers of Kiwifruit in New Zealand. Another factor that has led to an increase in sales is the setting up of a flagship store on by Zespri. Such moves have enabled Zespri to tap into different consumer groups and increase their market share. Additionally, they have also expanded their footprint to include sales through Jingdong’s offline store, 7Fresh. Doing so has enabled Zespri to utilize the services of the top largest e-retailer in China.

The entry of Rockit in Jingdong

Not to be left behind, Rockit Global also realized the importance of setting up shop on Subsequently, they have managed to tap into the Chinese market by launching their a flagship store, Rockit Apples on Jingdong.

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Isabel dos Santps Explains How Agriculture Can Change Africa In The Future

With a personal fortune of more than $2 billion earned on her own work and ability to fight for the future of herself and her family, Isabel dos Santos has become one of the leading business leaders in Africa. The Angolan entrepreneur has spent the majority of her career seeking to advance the cause of women in business across the African continent with her philanthropic work taking in the development of clean water programs across the nation of Angola.

In the last few years, Isabel dos Santos has been looking at how best to aid the people of Angola and the African continent by bringing greater access to agricultural practices to create more opportunities. The culture of Angola and Africa does not generally provide women with access to the entrepreneurial world or to the developing world of the internet. For Isabel dos Santos, the main problem she saw was finding a way of achieving the business goals women in Angola could find access to while helping shift the culture to become more open and gender-neutral. A successful businesswomen Isabel eventually found herself looking at the agricultural sector as the main source of philanthropy for herself and a way of pushing women to achieve more than they could imagine in the future.

Women have already involved in the development of the agricultural sector and those in rural areas are often in charge of family-owned land. Isabel dos says bringing the agricultural sector into the modern age with internet access for rural parts of Angola will aid further female entrepreneurial activities. Pointing to the rising middle-classes in Angola, dos Santos explains the changing diet of most Angolan’s is being matched across Africa with better quality and more diverse foods called for by many. by bringing greater levels of internet access to the people of Angola and the wider continent of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes she can help women across the nation achieve more than ever before as they fight for their rights. Click here.


Isabel dos Santos and Social Media Appreciation

Working practically nonstop is not something that’s foreign to Isabel dos Santos in any way. It’s in all honesty something that’s practically second nature to her expertise role at this point. She was reared in part by a man who genuinely grasped the power of a strong work ethic. That man was her inimitable father, Jose. He was so inimitable that he actually was Angola’s sedulous President for what people may describe as being “aeons.” His political vocation as President commenced toward the closing of the seventies. About Isabel dos Santos was roughly six years in age when he initially took office. That’s why it’s totally understandable that she’s aware of the magnitude of working hard and persevering.

People who think about this gal often remember the concept of telecommunications. That’s because she’s linked to the sizable telecommunications sector all of the time. She’s done a lot of traveling in her working time. Her city of birth was Baku all the way in Azerbaijan. Tatiana was the name of the lady who gave birth to her. She was someone who referred to Russia as being her home. Isabel dos Santo has a positive feeling about her dad from Angola. She identifies strongly with Angola and with the people who make up the country. That’s the reason she’s done so much to advance situations for them. She’s not just a big player in the telecommunications division in Africa.

She’s also a big player in the investment realm in general. She comprehends all kinds of best investing methods that are suitable for people who have all kinds of aspirations in their minds. Isabel dos Santos is not a lady who is single. She’s a lady who commenced an existence with Sindika Dokolo in 2002. They’ve shared their life journeys for all of these years. They’ve even shared several precious kids. Isabel dos Santos likes to talk about things that matter on the Internet. That’s the thing that gave her the urge to set up her Twitter account. She’s a person who puts a lot of effort into all kinds of social media requirements. She appreciates interaction.

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Isabel dos Santos Talks about the Success of Women of Africa

Recently, Forbes Magazine named Isabel dos Santos Africa’s most richest businesswoman. The skilled business professional has amassed wealth from various projects and investments in sectors such as energy, finance, retail, media, in addition to telecommunications not only in Africa but in foreign cities too. Currently, she is worth over $2 billion according to the same report. Having encountered several challenges in some of the male-dominated sectors, she has been training female entrepreneurs from Africa to take up various roles in the challenging career fields. Isabel dos Santos believes that the success of these women will catalyze their personal and family growth. Their communities will also be stable economically. As such, Isabel dos Santos implores successful African entrepreneurs to participate in her developmental projects.

Isabel holds that Africa has some of the world’s most promising business professionals because they have an entrepreneurial spirit. But, this has been challenged by the stigmatization of female entrepreneurs at work. It has, therefore, preventing them from becoming successful. This has also robbed them of their economic value since women haven’t been in a position to gain access to education and job opportunities as well as potential growth like men. Isabel reiterates that the transformation of Africa is appended on empowering women to delve into different businesses. Provided the continent’s her entrepreneurial spirit, Isabel notes how aggravating it is for women to be stigmatized at their workplace.

This holds them back from achieving their dreams and utilizing their economic potential. By creating various employment opportunities, Isabel is confident that these women will have empowered their families too. The energy will be felt in their economy also. The story of Isabel has become a beacon of hope for emerging female entrepreneurs. Isabel dos says that these individuals can become successful if allowed to delve into high-end career opportunities. To successfully impart knowledge in these individuals, Isabel dos Santos holds group sessions aimed at mentoring young business professionals and encouraging them to become a skilled professionals in the long run. Isabel dos Santos is also talented in assisting these women in taking up different initiatives at work.


The History And Approach To Real Estate Investments With Michael Nierenberg

As a professional of the investment industry, Michael Nierenberg has much knowledge and wisdom. He has accumulated more than two decades of his banking experience. Proceeding the establishing of New Residential, Michael Nierenberg began an informative blog. The medium account touches base on things such as banking laws and other specialized knowledge of the investment industry.

Real estate investments have always been a focal part of his work. Michael Nierenberg wrote a post that elaborated on real estate trusts in specialized markets. In the article, he provided insight about the history of REITs in the United States. Congress created this sector of investing during 1960. Since then, real estate has proven itself to be a long term investing approach.

Some of the country’s wealthiest people owe their fortunes to real estate investments. Andrew Carnegie stated that over 90% of all millionaires reach that status through real estate. Just over six decades removed from the creation of REITs, The approach is now used in over 25 countries; earning trillions of dollars. There are several requirements to qualify for this type of investment. New Residential specializes in real estate investing and management.

The Secrets of Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in India and educated in America, Bhanu Choudhrie is a very a good example of how a young man from the East was able to build a very successful and wealthy life in the west. The Founder of C&C Alpha group has had a great career as a strategic investor and philanthropist. He oversees investments that range from banking and hospitality to healthcare, real estate and the aviation industry. He also implemented a successful investment strategy that aims to help new companies as well as mature ones achieve their goals.

Mr Bhanu Choudhrie received his higher education in Boston and Harvard and is currently a member of the board of directors for Atlantic Cost Financial corporation and holds other influential positions in the world of finance in the United States of America. Mr Bhanu Choudhrie excelled both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist making him the recipient of very significant awards such as the United Kingdom’s Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards that recognized him as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. Bhanu Choudhrie’s family started investing in real estate sector around 30 years ago and his father started a TV import/export business with his brother back in the seventies paving the way for Bhanu to grow up in a business oriented environment.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, life must be balanced and credit must given where its due. Work days start early and are well spread among the different business activities that need to be tended to. Of course without marginalizing the importance of having personal time to allow creative thinking to take place. Sports including Boxing and physical fitness are also a daily activity for Bhanu at the end of every day no matter where he might be in the world. When asked, the young investor recommended other younger entrepreneurs to continuously educate themselves and to aim to surround themselves with the best management teams in order to make the transition of ideas into actions a smooth and successful process. He also recommended for investors to be poised and to take time before investing rather than rushing into making fast and less educated investments. Click here.


The McDonalds Burgers processing methods

In the past, there have been apprehensions about the usage of preservatives by companies such as McDonald’s on their best quality food to expand the lifespan of their products. One man experimented in Germany to find out how long the food could go without rotting; it is said that McDonald famous burger could stay for over ten years without rotting completely. Whether it is the preservatives or the drying of food by the company that keeps the burgers staying fresh still remains to be a subject of concern.

A recent visit to the OSI Group McDonalds factory in Germany revealed the whole process of manufacturing the burgers until they are sold. For instance, the factory insists that they source their beef from farms that organically rear their livestock. The livestock is slaughtered in the OSI Group McDonalds slaughterhouses that maintain cleanliness as one of their prospective business objectives. The meat is cut into huge junks with extra care not to allow bones into their prominent food factory.

The McDonalds Burgers are produced at stringent hygienic conditions.

When one enters the factory, they cover their heads, and no plastic is allowed even for journalists they use metallic pens which can be easily detected by the machines if they fall into the food processing machines accidentally. Workers who fall sick are given sick-leave until they are fully recovered, and the cause of their sickness investigated thoroughly. The meat is cooled in cooling tanks that do not allow for the survival of bacteria and other microbes.

The meat is cut into small sizes and packed by machines that measure the meat accordingly in very hygienic conditions after they have been dried to low moisture levels and exported to their final destinations. The OSI Group McDonalds meat is sourced from different farms in different countries; they, therefore, have different tastes as the feeds used in these countries differ from one to another. The preference for the amount of salt differs from one country to another. Therefore, the burgers will have different tastes. Recently OSI Group McDonalds one of the partners of McDonald added Baho Food to broaden their presence in the European market. The partnership has seen growth in a successful business as Baho Foods has five subsidiaries equipped with processing plants in Germany. McDonald aims at growing their in Europe and the rest of the world. Click here.

Paul Mampilly – Predicting the Business Trends in the Year 2019

Paul Mampilly is one of the most noted financial analysts in the United States today with over two decades of experience in the financial world. Having worked as hedge fund manager, investment portfolio manager and asset manager at various large scale banking and financial corporations, Paul has been able to gain the experience necessary to excel in the field of finance and business. With years of his working experience in the financial sector, Paul has been able to assist numerous investors, high-net-worth individuals and financial companies with devising investment strategies and multiplying their wealth.

Financial advisor Paul Mampilly left his career as a hedge fund and portfolio manager in the mainstream financial market to help the people understand the business world better and invest smartly. It is for this reason he got attached with the Banyan Hill Publishing as its senior editor. As the senior editor, he has developed many popular newsletters, including Profits Unlimited. In the newsletter, he provides his investment tips and advice to the common people on how they can multiply their wealth as well and invest wisely and smartly.

In his recent article, he has written to help common people, Paul Mampilly has provided predictions for the business in the year 2019. Paul says that the Big Data has been the part of the business culture for quite some time, but most big companies use it due to their extensive marketing budget. However, in the time to come, the smaller companies would be able to use Big Data efficiently for their business as well. Paul Mampilly says that voice search would continue to be the part of the latest market trend and the companies that make use of it would be able to stay ahead of the competition. One other prediction that he made is that the political situation would be mostly in favor of the businesses and it would help the companies grow. One can find more information about the tips and advice provided by Paul Mampilly by subscribing to his newsletters, such as Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and many others.