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ClassDojo Connecting Parents And Teachers

ClassDojo is a communication and learning app that assist teachers in communicating with parents and students. The app also has learning tools and videos inside of the app that teachers and students can utilize. Students are involved in the ClassDojo app but the app was primarily created as a communication tool for teachers and parents. The unique thing about the ClassDojo app when it comes to learning is that the teachers can choose what skills that they want to work on. With the ClassDojo app parents will also know how their child is performing in the classroom and what areas the child needs improvement in. The ClassDojo app is also a free app.

The ClassDojo app was created by two gentlemen by the name of Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The purpose of the app was too try and make learning fun and more interesting. The two creators and owners of the app have always had a love for education and children. So they took a variety of different things into consideration when they were creating the app such as culture. In America there are many different cultures so if there is a teacher or a parent who are of two different cultures sometimes there can be a miscommunication because of this. So the app helps to break down these cultural barriers that could occur between the teacher, student, and parent. The app is actually able to translate different languages of individuals into the person who is receiving a message native tongue.

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