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Carsten Thiel Takes Over General Operations at EUSA Pharma

Carsten Thiel was raised in Berlin. He grew up in Germany. The budding healthcare professional was bright at school. He pursued chemistry in Malbrook. Thiel had the desire to understand the Anglo-Saxon system of education. He, therefore, left his native capital to enroll at the prestigious Bristol University. Thiel pursued organic chemistry. He received his degree in science, and further specialized in biotechnology. He also pursued biochemistry. Eventually, he enrolled at Max Planck School of Chemistry, where he took up a Ph.D. in biology. He concentrated his unit in protein associated with the health of cells.

After completing his studies, he delved into his initial foray, where he joined the pharmaceutical industry. He landed his first employment opportunity at Hoffman La-Roche, a prominent biotechnology firm. At first, he served as the firm’s communications manager. Thiel registered excellent performance. Therefore, he was promoted to serve as a product manager. With his newly garnered experience, he could now carve an excellent reputation for himself. Soon after, Thiel was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the scientific department of the firm. He also took over market assessment.

Thiel has since been defined as the man behind the development of the biotechnology industry. He has served as the GM of Insadong. He has also exuded many years of experience when it comes to launching products. Thiel has a strong conviction when it comes to following ethics at work. He believes that every employee should be treated as humanely as possible. He has also proven to be a great business leader. As such, EUSA Pharma, a leading biotechnology firm, has appointed him to serve as the president. He will oversee the clinical development segment. EUSA Pharma is a dynamic biotechnological firm that is focused on oncology in addition to a rare disease. The organization continuously strives to confront various gaps found in patient care.

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