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Steve Lesnard : Why Product Introductions Fail

We live in a time where traditional marketing platforms such as television and radio have become pass, it’s no secret that social mediums have introduced themselves into the marketplace as the go-to sector for companies when introducing a new product. Although these new social mediums have lent new companies the opportunity to compete with larger brands, choosing the right platform and route has become increasingly difficult.

Steve Lesnard, a form executive for some of the worlds largest brands and marketing guru has presented to us a set of principles to follow the next time your company chooses to introduce a new product.

Principle Number 1: Simplicity Is The Best route

Often companies like to inform customers about all the bells and whistles that their product contains, however, this method leaves customers in an over information daze which they will most likely forget when they run into another ad. Steve Lesnard recommends keeping the ad copy simple and presenting consumers with a clear benefit. We only have to look at the product introduction of Apple’s iPod to see how successful this method really is. In the introductory ad, Apple simply said “10k songs in your pocket” to gain the consumers attention and most importantly to remember their ad.

Principle Number 2: Make Your Product Come To Life

Steve Lesnard’s second principle is simply to give your product life, easier said than done but it can be done if you have a clear storyline, says Steve Lesnard. So, how exactly do you go about finding the answers? Marketing expert Steve suggests asking yourself a series of questions, for example, how will the consumer use it? or How will it make them look? A great example of this principle in action was seen during YETI’s cooler campaign. The introduction of their cooler was made through social media ambassadors that primarily had an outdoors audience. Simply using their YETI cooler during their adventures without making it seem like an ad provided YETI incredible results in an “oversaturated” industry such as the outdoors market.