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GPB Global Resources Thrives In Africa’s Resource Extraction Scene

Internationally, there has been groundbreaking progress for GPB Global Resources B.V. Their exploration, as an oil firm, has reaped great rewards for the Russian founder and also Managing Director, whose name is Boris Ivanov. Although GPB has found Amsterdam, Netherlands to serve as a headquarters location quite well, the bulk of GPB’s new opportunities actually lie thousands of miles elsewhere. More specifically, it is Africa that takes Ivanov’s interest, as well as South America, albeit to a smaller degree.

With regards to these territories, which GPB Global Resources seeks to inhabit, there is a unique legal ecosystem around the oil operations. Some of these, thankfully, have solid oil regulation already sufficiently in place, but, of the 54 total, there are a striking amount of these lands that do not have such resource extraction rules determined as of now. For a GPB related project, well-established orders when it comes to the sphere of resource extraction are a great help.

Regulatory extraction hurdles obviously present GPB Global Resources with some interesting challenges, but there exist for the aforementioned GPB additional physical challenges. Among these, the often extremely remote coordinates that these nations’ resources lie in are subject to inferior infrastructure, which will ultimately make such resources even harder for GPB to attempt to extract.

This particular sector, resource extraction that is, is likely moving towards more renewable sources and also highly reduced consumption by certain economies. GPB Global Resources has a team and leader who acknowledge this. Accordingly, Boris Ivanov noted that this trend will surely impact both resource prices and the nature of his long-term oil investments. Ivanov believes that technology investments will now return GPB and similar entities better, and environmental adaption, Boris says, is inevitable.

Timely information, therefore, is what GPB Global Resources will naturally need to rely upon, and governmental disputes, as Ivanov noted, can severely impact international businesses like GPB. Avoiding local conflicts is key to doing such international negotiations in the resources extraction industry, and maintaining a strong, mutual information flow is the vital professional glue that can ultimately hold such operations like GPB’s Africa endeavor together.

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